10 things to do in Saint-Malo

What to do in Saint Malo?

The King’s Star

Travel back in time to 1745 aboard the Étoile du Roy , the famous replica of a corsair frigate!!! Visit the hold and the captain’s apartments, and admire the ropes and the size of this hunter of the seas! The frigate performs rare outings at sea, but he is  advised to check on the site that she is at the dock to organize your stay. 

L'Étoile du Roy dans le port de Saint-Malo
The Étoile du Roy docked in Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo aquarium

Admire all the marine species present in the large aquarium of Saint-Malo , and contemplate the abyssal depths! Children will be able to learn about aquatic life and touch some species on site such as the large fruit bat, the spider crab or the glacial starfish while discovering their habitat.


The great aquarium of Saint-Malo

The micro zoo of Saint Malo

An intramural micro zoo !!! It may sound crazy! And yet it is very real! AT  a few steps from the Bon Secours beach , and the Fort National, you can admire  pythons, lizards,  or the moray eels that inhabit this zoo…and so much more!!!

The micro zoo of Saint-Malo

Intramural walk

Take a walk within the walls and discover the marvels of the old town. You can stop at Café on the corner down the street from the end of the city opposite the port… the Java, and contemplate its surprising decoration, which makes it one of the 300 most beautiful bars in the world !!! Or taste a Kouign Aman , the Breton specialty par excellence! See the house where Surcouf, the famous privateer, was born and the tower where the Duchess Anne of Brittany stayed during the construction of the castle. 

You can shop and eat in the many restaurants offering Breton specialties, ranging from traditional cuisine to gourmet restaurants, including fast food. Then take advantage of the good rescue beach with its seawater swimming pool and end the day with a sunset in front of the statue of Robert Surcouf on the ramparts. You will then discover the charm and atmosphere of the corsair city at night sheltered by the ramparts of Saint-Malo.

Saint-Malo intra muros

Saint-Malo Intra muros

First dive

Book a day for a first dive at the Saint Malo diving school. From the age of 8, at sea in the high season or in the pool in winter, you can discover the sensations of diving thanks to the experienced trainer divers who will supervise you during your initiation!

For experienced divers, the school offers various programs, including visits to shipwrecks , or various training courses, or simply aquatic excursions. 


Diving in the open sea

What to do in Saint Malo? Visit of the National Fort

Watch out for the tide! The visit of the Fort National is done with a passionate guide! Anchored on its rock, access is only at low tide.  If you see the flag hoisted…it’s open to the public!


Fort National at low tide

Exit at sea

Take advantage of 1 hour in the bay of Saint Malo or a day to live the experience of a sea trip, with the Saint-Malo breakaway . Various offers are available, to reach Cancale by sea, or Dinan via the Rance, or prefer exceptional sailboats such as the replica of the Cutter corsair, the Fox, which was fitted out by the famous corsair Robert Surcouf and proposed by the Etoile marine cruise.

The corsair cutter “The Fox”

Marine thermal baths

Want to relax during your stay? For 1 hour or the whole day, the marine thermal baths of Saint Malo await you. Their offers are adapted to your desires. Whether it is for a body massage or a seaweed cream- based wrap, while passing through the Aquatonic or the sauna , the personnel of the marine baths will be able to relax and restore you throughout the day.

les thermes marins de Saint-Malo

What to do in Saint Malo? Aqua Malo

The aquatic center of Saint Malo just out of the ground! it will delight young and old! You can enjoy the spa, sauna and hammam , but also the sports pools or the play area for the little ones, as well as its digital slide, unique in France!

 Note: The Aqua Malo is located outside the city of Saint Malo on the edge of the expressway a few minutes from Saint Malo

The Jacques Cartier Museum and the sculpted rocks

Discover the Jacques Cartier Museum , located in his mansion. Unique legacy of the famous explorer, transformed into a museum to show you his life and history. Step back in time and discover Canada, through the story of this adventurer who first set foot there in 1534 .

Take advantage of your getaway to see the sculpted rocks of Rothéneuf. Produced by Abbé Fourré from 1894 to 1907. 

Musée Jacques Cartier à Saint-Malo


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