Discover the most beautiful beaches of Saint-Malo!

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Saint Malo!

Summer is approaching, and nothing beats the beautiful beaches of Saint Malo to make the most of it. What better than the Corsair City to enjoy the sandy beaches and the sun? Saint-Malo has magnificent beaches just waiting to be visited. In or outside the city walls, or on the coast, you are spoiled for choice. Discover our ultimate guide and let’s discover the most beautiful beaches of Saint-Malo!

Intramural beaches in Saint-Malo

The Saint Malo Beach of Bon Secours

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This beach is undeniably one of the most beautiful beaches in Saint-Malo, if not THE most beautiful. Surely you have already heard of its magnificent seawater swimming pool. This famous pool appears once the sea recedes. There is even a diving board for lovers of somersaults. The place enjoys a breathtaking view of Dinard. You can easily reach the Tomb of Chateaubriand at Grand Bé from Bon Secours beach.  

The Saint Malo Beach of the Eventail

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Eventail beach is revealed at the foot of Fort National, which you can visit at low tide. After 6 hours, the sea will completely cover the beach to give way to a magnificent expanse of water. A small bar is nearby to enjoy a small drink in high season.

The Saint Malo beach of the Môle

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This is the smallest beach in Saint-Malo. It is not very large, but that does not detract from its charm, quite the contrary. However, it is accessible only through a small entrance door. You will therefore have to find it, which is not always easy when you are not used to it. A sandbank surfaces at low tide, and you can enjoy the open sea without fear of the water which will not exceed your knees. In addition, you will not fear windy days, because the Môle beach is very protected.

The beaches outside the city walls in Saint-Malo

Saint Malo du Val Beach

Plage du Val is located north of Saint-Malo, more precisely in the district of Rothéneuf. You can take advantage of your getaway on the beach to visit the Sculpted Rocks just a few steps away. In addition to the sites of interest, excellent tables are nearby.

The Furrow Beach

This vast beach, probably the largest in Saint-Malo, extends over 3 km. It begins along Intra-muros, where it is called Eventail beach. Its name varies according to the places it runs along. It can be nicknamed Sillon, sometimes the Hoguette or even the Minihic. During high tides, this gigantic beach is completely submerged under water, giving way to a rather impressive spectacle. Moreover, you will notice rows of breakwaters sunk in the sand to break the waves during high tides.

The Saint Malo beach of la Hoguette

Hoguette Beach is a continuation of Grande Plage (Sillon beach). You find it just in front of the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo. On windy days it is possible to enjoy the surf. A nautical base as well as a tank school are also on site.

Minihic Beach

This is the ideal beach for family outings. It is located between Paramé and Rothéneuf. Minihic beach has a little wild side, being surrounded by rocks and vegetation. If you want to get away from the city a bit, it will be perfect for you.

Bas Sablons Beach

You are looking for a beach well protected from the wind to take the children  ? The Beach of Bas Sablons is one of those to be privileged. It is located in Saint-Servan, not far from the city of Aleth. The place enjoys a very beautiful view of the Emerald Coast. The best spot to admire the panorama of the old town is still the port and the dyke along the beach.

Rochebonne Beach

Rochebonne Beach is “  the end  of the Grande Plage, which extends from the Eventail. You join her in the district of Paramé, in Saint-Malo. Beach soccer and beach volleyball enthusiasts are particularly spoiled here. Matches are very often organized. From the beach, you enjoy a magnificent unobstructed view of the dike.

Varde Beach

La Varde beach is ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of Intramuros. It is located in Rothéneuf, a district north of Saint-Malo. It is particularly known for its small, well-protected annex. This part of the beach, however, is only accessible by climbing rocks. Nevertheless, most of the beach is easily accessible.

Rosais Beach

If the very many beaches of Saint-Malo are in the North, the beach of Rosais is a beach south of the Corsair City. Due to its proximity to the Rance dam, swimming is not permitted there. However, you can walk to the Parc de la Briantais which is right next door.

Bridge Beach

Plage du Pont is located between Saint Malo du Minihic beach and Varde beach. Moreover, you can reach the latter in just a few minutes thanks to a small path. From Pont beach, you will enjoy a breathtaking view from the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel to the Fort National. Being at the same level as the road, Port beach is easily accessible for people with reduced mobility.

The beaches on the coast of Saint Malo

Anse du Guesclin

This magnificent beach is located on the coast road, in particular between Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel. Ideal for a road trip stop, you will be amazed by the natural charm of this little jewel of the Emerald Coast. At low tide, you can go for a walk on the island of Guesclin. Anse Du Guesclin also benefits from a good location sheltered from the wind. Animals are allowed during the summer before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

Chevrets Beach

Taking place in the middle of the dunes, the beach of Saint Malo des Chevrets is ideally spared from high winds. You can enjoy a family beach where the sand is particularly soft. Rock climbers will find what they are looking for on the islets of Petit and Grand Chevret. These are only accessible at low tide. Note that part of Chevrets beach is nudist.

Touesse Beach

La Touesse beach is very close to Port beach. You will even have a hard time distinguishing the two beaches during low tides. La Touesse beach is located between Pointe du Meinga and Pointe des Grands Nez. Also note that the holiday home in which Colette wrote ”  Wheat in grass  is on this range.

Orchard Beach

You reach Verger beach on the road to Cancale, towards Mont Saint-Michel. This beach benefits from a calm and preserved environment, perfect for stays of relaxation and escape. Verger beach also has a nudist area.

You now know all the beaches to discover in Saint-Malo. From the calmest to the liveliest, you are bound to find the perfect beach.  Do not hesitate to visit them all to vary the pleasures and discoveries  !

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