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What to do in Saint-Malo when it rains?


What to do in Saint-Malo when it rains?

In the heart of Brittany, Saint-Malo is the Mecca of tourism. If the weather is almost beautiful all year round, it happens that the gray clouds come to hide the sun’s rays. When the corsair city is under the clouds, it is impossible to enjoy sunbathing on the beach. Fortunately, the region offers other intramural activities that allow you to have fun. Visiting historic sites or leisure centers in the region are the most likely programs when the good weather is absent. So, what to do in Saint-Malo when it rains ? Follow the leader.

Make an Escape Game

Que faire à Saint-Malo quand il pleut

The escape game is one of the essential activities in Saint-Malo . A fun and entertaining activity, the concept is brand new and is beginning to gain in popularity. The game consists of immersing yourself in a life-size space where you will play the heroes. With your team, you will solve puzzles and make sure to free yourself. In this game, you will also be in the footsteps of the corsairs of Saint-Malo and will be immersed in stories of cape and dagger or the Second World War. There are 3 escape games in Saint-Malo: Les secrets des Corsaires at Breizh Escape. The Secret of Surcouf at the Manoir de la Barronie and the Blockhaus at Breizh Escape .

Visit the Great Aquarium

Que faire à Saint-Malo quand il pleut ?

If the sea is the nugget of Saint-Malo, its aquarium is a real tribute to this aquatic wealth. The Saint-Malo aquarium offers a panorama of all the aquatic creatures of the sea. More than 600 species of fish, turtles or even clown fish and other mammals are present there. The large Aquarium of Saint-Malo is open all year round and is an ideal haven on rainy days. Among the most incredible attractions is the Nautibus. It is an exclusive submarine that will take you to discover the bottom of the Aquarium and its sound and light shows.

Have fun at West Parc

Que faire à Saint-Malo quand il pleut ?

West Parc is one of the area’s most popular indoor attractions . It is located about fifteen minutes from the city center but it is well worth the detour. Its particularity lies in its size. More than 2500m² of space which is divided up for playful and fun activities for the whole family. You will find there in particular about fifteen bowling alleys, 9 English billiards, 3 laser range areas, but also arcade games, a bubble football pitch and a bar and relaxation area for catering. To go around each activity, count a whole day.

To visit museums

The region of Saint-Malo is full of historical sites and the museums bear witness to their history. If you particularly appreciate the stories of the Cape Horners, the Cap-Hornier long yard museum is one of the most unusual places in the region. It is located in the Solidor tower and offers a fine collection of period objects and in particular objects belonging to the long-term captains of the 19th century. On the other side, the Manoir de Limoëlou offers a guided tour of the Jacques Cartier Museum. This famous European explorer made the region famous, in particular thanks to his discovery of Canada. The Manor offers art and decorative objects but also objects belonging to the navigator.

Watch exhibitions at the Grande Passerelle

Que faire à Saint-Malo quand il pleut ?

The Grande Passerelle is one of the cultural heritages of Saint-Malo. This center includes a media library, a cinema dedicated to auteur films, thematic areas which host exhibitions throughout the year. Among the thematic exhibitions of the center are historical documentaries, antique collections, expeditions and other exhibitions around Saint-Malo. You will also find there photos of the old station in the region, old guides or even illustrations, essays and novels as well as paintings. In short, a concentrate of culture and art.

Recharge your batteries at the Thermes Marins

Que faire à Saint-Malo quand il pleut ?

What to do in Saint-Malo when it rains? Rather than staying in your hotel room, take the road to the Grand Plage des Sillons and land in the Thalassotherapy center of the region. The Thermes Marins (Thalasso Saint-Malo) invite relaxation and well-being to enjoy the benefits of sea water heated to 34°C. The center offers a space of 5000m² divided between indoor and outdoor swimming pools, pools, hammams but also weight rooms and massage cabins. Here, relaxation is at the rendezvous and professionals await you for a unique moment of relaxation during a weekend in Saint-Malo.

Immerse yourself in the virtual world at the Virtual Reality studio

Que faire à Saint-Malo quand il pleut ?

For lovers of thrills and video games, the Virtual Reality studio welcomes you to a unique platform. Latest generation and ultra-efficient technology, the studio offers total immersion in the virtual world, with sensations as real as in reality. In a group or alone, you just have to put on the sensor (equipped with a helmet with HD screens) to explore this universe or to challenge your friends. A sensational and unique experience to discover at rue du Clos Vert. Among the attractions, find the retrogaming lounge with the Super Nintendo or the PS1 for those who are old school.

Have fun at the Max Aventure park

For families visiting Saint-Malo with your children, the Max Aventure park is made for you. This is an indoor park for children from 0 to 12 years old. The indoor activities and games are suitable for different ages and the equipment is completely secure. The space is well divided into 3 kinds of animation. The Baby Zone, for children under 3 years old with ball pools or foam mats. Le P’tit Parc for 3 to 5 year olds with slides and adventurous labyrinths. The Maxi Labyrinth for ages 5 and up with a large adventure course, large stages for choreography and even quad tracks. The adults who accompany them will not be left out since they have a dedicated bar and restaurant area, while waiting for the children to have fun.

And if it really rains too much and it’s very cold, you can always cocoon under the duvet and enjoy your rental warm in front of Netflix 🙂

Or go on a tour of Saint-Malo Intra-Muros bars for example!

Top 10 restaurants in Saint-Malo

Top 10 restaurants in Saint-Malo

During your visit to Brittany, be sure to stop off at the top 10 restaurants in Saint-Malo . Lovers of French gastronomy, it’s time to satisfy your taste buds with Saint-Malo culinary specialties! Gourmet seafood dishes, pancakes and Breton tarts, savor the authentic taste of local products on the terraces of restaurants in Saint-Malo (sea view) or enjoy a gastronomic stay in one of the largest hotel restaurants of Saint Malo .

1. Top 10 restaurants in Saint-Malo: Le Cap Horn, Saint-Malo restaurant with sea view


Space in glass roof giving an exceptional sight on the sea, placed in full heart of the large building the Thermes Marins of Saint-Malo, the restaurant Le Cap Horn is the ideal address where to satisfy your palate. Gourmet seafood dishes, pastries and desserts are on the menu. Appreciate the culinary talents of the great chefs of the corsair region on the carefully prepared tables offering a magnificent panorama of the bay of Saint-Malo.

2. L’Amiral, Saint-Malo restaurant with sea view


Tasting of fresh and tasty fish on board the Admiral . Restaurant nestled in the middle of the port of Saint-Malo, the Admiral offers an exceptional panorama over the bay to enjoy the refined dishes offered by the best restaurant in Saint-Malo . Let yourself be transported through its gastronomic specialties on culinary journeys to discover the cuisine of products from the Breton coasts. Discover its wine cellar and its more than 150 references and spirits accompanied by tasting appetizers.

3. Le Chalut, gourmet restaurant Saint-Malo


Are you looking for the true taste of fresh seafood, implemented with flavor, freshness and quality of service? Le Chalut, restaurant in Saint-Malo , offers you a treat for the taste buds around a neatly decorated table, in a warm atmosphere. Le Chalut, Saint-Malo restaurant is the best place to spend a romantic and peaceful moment for two and discover the culinary delights of Saint-Malo.

4. Crêperie Le Tournesol, restaurant Saint-Malo Intra Muros


Be amazed by the traditional Breton crêpes from the crêperie Le Tournesol if you pass through Saint-Malo Intra Muros. On the sunny terrace or in a space with a simplistic decor, the gourmet flavor of Le Tournesol home cooking will remain engraved on your taste buds. Take a detour into the past to discover the original taste of local dishes through farm and artisan products.

5. Texture, Saint-Malo restaurant


Specialist in traditional cuisines revisited during the day and wine bar in the evening, Texture is worth a detour during your visit to Brittany. You will taste the best recipes of scallops, fish but also the flavors of ice cream with an incredible flavor and its chocolate creams. An appetizer service for those who want to spend a nice evening at the wine bar. The restaurant stands out for the quality of its products; most of the dishes prepared are made from freshly collected local products on Breton lands.

6. Top 10 restaurants in Saint-Malo: Le Globe Trotter, Saint-Malo restaurant


Two great enthusiasts of cooking and travel, offer you through their culinary know-how the flavors of Breton gastronomy. At the Globe Trotter , enjoy a pleasant moment in an exotic setting on the terrace overlooking the magnificent painting of the city of Aleth to discover the oldest recipes from your childhood. Specialties seafood, fish, poultry, concocted from fresh products embellished with the chef’s secret touch.

7. Restaurant L’absinthe: gastronomic restaurant Saint-Malo


The restaurant L’absinthe is a gastronomic setting nestled in the heart of Saint Malo intra muros. If you are looking for an inexpensive Saint-Malo restaurant offering very varied and tasty à la carte menus, stop off at the restaurant st malo L’absinthe. It is without a doubt the cheap restaurant in St Malo in the entire corsair region. A helpful and attentive staff is there to welcome you and make your visit pleasant.

8. Le Saint Placide, gourmet restaurant Saint-Malo


Restaurant specializing in unusual and personalized culinary creations in the image of its creative chef Luc Mohiban. Friendly catering service established in the heart of a real alibaba cave where you will find a whole range of precious works of art from from the four corners of the world. Discover and savor the original taste of local products: langoustine, fish, vegetables… Simple dishes, cooked without artifice.
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9. Restaurant la Verrière, hotel restaurant Saint-Malo


For your stay in the corsair region, enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being at the hotel restaurant st malo La verrière . House in modern architecture immersed in the heart of a natural setting: trellises embellished with beautiful creeping vegetation. A green facade and decorative wooden lamps. La Verrière offers lovers of gourmet dishes, traditional Breton menus and specialties from around the world. The restaurant also offers dietetic and tasty cuisine for those most concerned about their bodies, after relaxing thalassotherapy sessions. La verrière fully deserves to be in our Top 10 restaurants in Saint-Malo.

10. Le Grand Bés, hotel restaurant Saint-Malo intra muros


The 4-star hotel restaurant Le Grand Bé invites you to make a tasty and gourmet stopover through its refined cuisine

offering a varied menu and local products. On the terrace or inside in a carefully decorated space, enjoy fresh, quality products as well as the culinary creations of a great chef of French gastronomy. Enjoy the sweet delicacies prepared with great care by its pastry chef, accompanied by tea or cold hot drinks. Spend an unforgettable stay in one of the most beautiful rooms of the hotel or in the Deluxe suite at Grand Bés.

After a good dinner, stay in Saint-Malo in one of our cozy apartments.

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Where to find parking in Saint-Malo?


All you need to know about parking spaces in Saint-Malo

Finding a parking space is not always easy, especially in busy towns such as Saint-Malo. The task is all the more complicated during events: finding parking in Saint-Malo during the rum route would be almost impossible! Hotels in St Malo as well as parking spaces are extremely popular. To save you a waste of time and unnecessary frustration, here is all there is to know about car parks in Saint Malo .

Free car parks in Saint-Malo


theparking in Saint-Malo seems more and more difficult. Nevertheless, by doing some research, it is quite possible to find free parking in st malo . However, you will have to arrive early enough to be able to enjoy it. If you have trouble finding parking in Saint-Malo intramural , the nearby parking spaces will interest you. Some of them will cost you nothing. The nearest free car park is in Rocabey. Place de Rocabey has 130 free parking spaces open from Monday to Sunday, and all day. It is not impossible that you will find a placeavailable behind the cemetery or in front of the Rocabey church.

Good to know !

Also note that you are entitled to 30 minutes of free parking per half-day on the road, provided you register at the Parking Center or on jemegare.fr/saint-malo . Then choose the “30 minutes free” option and confirm your parking. Once this is done, you will no longer need a ticket. People with reduced mobility (PRM) are entitled to free parking on the road, all day long, regardless of the space. Nevertheless, all enclosed car parks (height-limited) have reserved places which are subject to a charge and exclusively accessible to people in possession of the European parking card.

There are also 5 free parking spaces in Saint-Malo for people with reduced mobility in a reserved car park near Porte Saint-Vincent. Finally, you can take advantage of parking for an hour and a half in the Naye car park provided you are a user of the sports equipment. You will simply need to validate your parking ticket before leaving the swimming pool, the gym or the diving pit.

If you exceed one hour and a half of parking, you only pay the remainder.

The parking  du Naye is also free for a quarter of an hour to drop off or pick up. You will find another free parking solution  at the post office car park, in front of the Notre-Dame-des-Grèves church, where you are entitled to two hours of free parking.

Tips for car parks in Saint-Malo


If you plan to spend a whole day in Saint-Malo, the best option is to park in the Paul Féval car park , open all year round, where free shuttles are available between the car park and the Intra-Muros city. The daily rate is €3.30 for a car and €7.50 for a motorhome. Storing the ticketday gives access for 5 passengers to the Express Féval, the shuttle for the Intra-Muros via the station or line 2 of the bus network, diverted to pass near the Paul Féval car park.

If you are a Kéolis subscriber, the Relais Paul Féval car park is free.

Car parks in Saint-Servan

Place Bouvet, in Saint-Servan, is also available with a price of €2 for two hours. Also in Saint-Servan, there are several parking spaces that are often free on boulevard Douville, rue de la Pie or at the intersection of rue Jean XXIII and rue Ville-Pépin. Once parked, you will be able to go to Intra-muros by taking bus number 1.

The station car park in Saint-Malo , on boulevard Jean-Jaurès, has several parking spaces. The ferry terminal car parks  are practical because you will have nearby buses 1, 2 and 3 in the direction of Intra-muros.

Car parks for long-term parking in Saint-Malo


It is also possible that you plan to stay a few days in Saint-Malo. In this case, the ideal is to turn to a rental with parking . This will save you from driving around the city looking for parking spaces. If however you have to start looking for parking, three solutions are possible for parkinglong duration. You can opt for parking  underground Saint-Vincent, which has no less than 481 parking spaces at the foot of Intra-Muros. The car park is open all year round and is managed by Q-Park.

Stroller and umbrella loan services are also available. (see the prices for the Saint-Vincent car park by clicking here)

Other parking options…

The second option is Parking Paul Féval, mentioned earlier. Finally, the Naye Ferry Terminal is also a possible option. However , the ferry car park is reserved for passengers on ferries to Great Britain and the Channel Islands. Also note that this car park  is unsupervised and is located outdoors.

The parking rate for 24 hours is €17.40 in high season, €12.20 in mid season and €7.60 in low season. For even more information on parking spaces in Saint-Malo  and all the parking spaces, do not hesitate to contact the Parking Center. It should be remembered that not paying for your parking can cost you between 17 to 45 €, depending on the municipality. For the municipality of Saint-Malo, the post-parking fee is €25. This rate is reduced (€17) if you pay within 72 hours, or if the parking time is exceeded. In this case, the package will be reduced by the parking amount previously paid. As for the intramural rate, it is also €25 in low and mid season (€17 reduced), but goes to €45 (€35 reduced) in high season.

Finally parked? So come and discover one of our 10 restaurants or take 2 minutes to find out about the festivals in Saint-Malo.

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