Restaurants in Saint-Malo: our selection of the best addresses

Would you like to taste the culinary marvels of the Corsair city on the Emerald Coast? It would be a shame to find yourself in Saint-Malo without taking advantage of its gastronomic riches. In this article, we present our selection of the best restaurants in Saint Malo. They immerse you in the riches of Saint-Malo gastronomy. Discover our selection of the best Saint Malo restaurants.

Our top 3 of the best crêperies restaurants in Saint Malo

Crepes and traditional Breton galettes are culinary specialties that you absolutely must try in Saint-Malo. Here is our selection of the 4 best creperies that will meet all your expectations.


Bergamot is known to everyone as the best creperie in Saint-Malo. The quality of the meals and the reception service are remarkable. The professionalism of this intramural restaurant can be seen in the diversity of Falkland specialties it offers. For example, it offers:

  • Pancakes
  • Quiches
  • Salads
  • Breton pancakes for dessert, and even homemade cakes to choose from.

However, it is advisable to make a reservation to fully enjoy the flavors of Bergamot. This guarantees a place at their table.

The sunflower

Le Tournesol is an intramural restaurant that extends over the cobbled streets of Saint-Malo. It offers local and homemade meals. I recommend the Breton menu of this creperie which offers:

  • A Breton cider kir
  • A Celtic galette with andouille de Guéméné
  • A sausage patty
  • A homemade butterscotch crepe

Le Tournesol offers other pancake menus for visitors to Saint-Malo. They also benefit from a good reception service.

The Guardhouse

Le Corps de Garde is the only creperie in Saint-Malo with an unobstructed view of the sea. It is the perfect place to savor Breton pancakes while enjoying the superb view of the sunset. It also offers very good pancakes.

Le Corps de Garde has an idyllic setting with a small Breton-style house. Tables are located indoors and outdoors. If you wish to have a view of the sea, consider reserving a place on the covered terrace.

Our top 3 of the best café-restaurants in Saint Malo

Do you prefer to taste the culinary flavors of Brittany in one of the best brasseries in the region? Here are our recommendations of good addresses in Saint-Malo.

Jean’s Bistro

Le Bistro is an intramural restaurant in Saint Malo that I recommend for its decor and meals. Its decoration makes it a real brasserie. In addition, it offers fish and traditional dishes for its meals.

In addition, the owners of this brasserie offer a good reception service. They can advise you on the dishes to help you make a good choice.

The Corniche

La Corniche is the best restaurant in Saint-Malo to spend quiet evenings. It is also one of the best addresses in Saint-Malo to enjoy a view of the large beach of Silon. This is due to the fact that it is located on the Silon.

In addition, the Corniche offers a wide range of varied dishes from the region. I recommend trying the lentil mozzarella salad at this good address in Saint-Malo. It is possible to taste oysters of different flavors.

The travellers

The Brasserie des Voyageurs is the right address in Saint-Malo for pasta and pizza lovers. They can also enjoy the good meat dishes offered by the establishment.

The latter is located at the entrance to the old town of Saint-Malo. It is also suitable for visitors who are in a hurry. This is due to the fact that the service and the tasting are fast.

Our selection of the best Saint Malo hotel-restaurants

Some hotels in Saint-Malo offer catering services to visitors to the region. Discover a presentation of the best Brunches you can enjoy in the Corsair city.

The canopy

La Verrière is a good address in Saint-Malo which offers good dietary cuisine. His dishes derive from traditional Breton menus and elsewhere.

On the other hand, the Verriere attracts visitors with its fascinating decor. It has a green facade and several decorative wooden lamps. In addition, it is located in the heart of a house with modern architecture.

The Grand Bé

Le Grand Bé is a restaurant in Saint Malo that is located in a hotel that bears the same name. His dishes are a delight for breakfast on Sunday mornings. It is not uncommon to come across dishes from:

  • Salads
  • rice pudding
  • savory cakes
  • Cheese
  • chocolate cake

The hotel Les Charmettes

The restaurant at Les Charmettes is an ideal place to sample the culinary wonders of Saint-Malo. It has a terrace that overlooks the sea. It is convenient to find your feet in the sand in this restaurant in St-Malo.

The dishes of the restaurant of the hotel Les Charmettes are composed of:

  • Molds
  • Chicken or beef skewers
  • Piece of beef
  • Zucchini quinoa gratin
  • Tuna tartar or semi-cooked
  • Seafood platters
  • Homemade desserts

In addition, the hotel Les Charmettes has surprises in store for its visitors. There are, for example, aperitif concerts and local jams.

Other restaurants that we highly recommend in Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo has other restaurants that perfectly meet the expectations of visitors. Here is a selection of 4 other St-Malo restaurant addresses.


L’absinthe is a restaurant in St-Malo which is located in a space full of charm. Indeed, its walls are old. In addition, its setting is found in a kind of semi-basement.

This restaurant is recommended for its squid ink and its inexpensive menus for a St-Malo restaurant. In addition, the menus are varied.

The Benetin

Le Bénétin is a restaurant in Saint-Malo recommended for the view it offers on the Emerald Coast. Its setting is perfect for romantic evenings. It also offers refined dishes such as vanilla pastry cream.

Cape Horn

Le Cap Horn is a restaurant located in the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo. Its position allows you to have a view of the sea through its glazing. Its menus are mainly composed of desserts, seafood and pastries.

Cavoua Coffee Spot

Cavoua Coffee Spot offers one of the brunches in Saint-Malo. This St-Malo restaurant offers a complete brunch with fresh and natural products. You can find a lot of local products there.

On the other hand, Cavoua Coffee Spot has a very attentive staff. The service is fast. In addition, it offers products to choose from for customers who do not take certain products such as cow’s milk. The menus are varied at this restaurant address in St-Malo.

The criteria for finding the right address for restaurants in Saint-Malo

Some restaurants may seem better than others because of their characteristics. These characteristics relate to:

  • The geographical position of the restaurants
  • The average price of restaurant menus
  • The framework or the decor of the restaurants
  • The type of menu offered

Therefore, it is up to each visitor to choose a restaurant that suits them according to their needs and preferences. According to the criteria indicated, you can easily find the right address in Saint-Malo for the restaurant you need.

However, it is generally recommended to opt for the intramural restaurants of Saint-Malo.

The addresses presented in this article are the best restaurants in Saint-Malo. Make your choice, book your place and don’t forget to follow the recommendations given. Also discover our guide to our top 10 bars in Saint-Malo


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