The City of Aleth in Saint-Malo

The City of Aleth in Saint-Malo  : discovering the little corner of paradise of the Corsair city

To discover the city of Aleth (or city of Alet), you must go to Saint-Servan, upstream from Saint-Malo. Located a hundred meters from the old town, this city is at the mouth of the Rance. The city of Aleth is particularly distinguished by the superb panorama of the sea it offers. It also gives a splendid view of Dinard and Saint-Malo. This place is characterized by its wild environment, but rather calm. Its historical side is also one of the particularities of the city of Alet. Namely that his fort was occupied by the Germans during the Second World War. Today, the fort of the city of Alet is the subject of beautiful walks.

The City of Alet, a beautiful view of the Emerald Coast and Intra-muros

Surrounded by many beautiful places, the City of Aleth is one of the sublime corners of the Corsair city. Located high up and completely surrounded by water, this city is a true corner of paradise. With the superb view of the Emerald Coast before you, you feel like you’re out of town. Moreover, continuing your ascent in the City of Alet, you will come across its fort.

In 1759, this fort was initially built with the aim of improving the fortification of the Corsair city. However, it was not used by the military until 1942. Even if the exploration of the city of Aleth is a bit hilly, you will not be disappointed with your achievement. It will also allow you to do some sport. In addition, along the way, you will not fail to find benches, all installed facing the sea, to allow you to rest while enjoying a panoramic view of the sea. The City of Aleth is a beautiful place that you absolutely must visit during your visit to the Corsair city.

The City of Aleth, a place conducive to walking

The small cornice of the city of Alet opens the way to beautiful panoramas leading to the sea, to the fort of the city as well as the various historical sites. You should know that there are only small paths in the city of Alet. This makes the place suitable for a walk or bike ride. For your greater good, you can even go jogging in peace.

Moreover, if you decide to practice this activity there, you will surely meet a lot of runners on the way. On the other hand, if you want to explore the city even more, it is always possible to leave the marked path. In this case, don’t be surprised, because you may discover a hidden campsite through a large expanse of grass. Even if the vegetation that surrounds the place is quite high and prevents you from seeing the sea, the setting is quite nice. You can rent this location for camping for a few days. On the way back, you can enjoy the superb view that the city offers on Intra-muros. Indeed, be aware that the old town is only a few steps from the Cité d’Alet. A walk in the city of Alet will allow you to discover all the assets of this place.

Discovering the first location in Saint-Malo

The Cité d’Alet is characterized by the different historic locations it houses. Indeed, while exploring the city, you will be surprised to come across small historical marvels including the remains of Saint-Pierre Cathedral. It is one of the oldest places of worship of Christianity in the region. Today, only the ruins of the building remain. However, archeology enthusiasts love to explore the place as the site has revealed the remains  of a Gallo-Roman building dating from the 4th century. You can also discover the ruins of the apse of the pre-Roman building from the 10th century.

While exploring the peninsula of the city of Alet, you will also come across the memorial of 39-45, installed in a blockhouse. They are large blocks of metal with armored bells. Their appearance testifies to the horror of war and the firepower of the attackers. On 3 levels you can see remnants of World War II. These are the only remaining traces in the city that you can discover of this second war. You should know that the city of Alet was the location chosen by the first inhabitants of Saint-Malo. On the other hand, the heart of the agglomeration of the city was transferred to the Intra-muros city from the 12th century.

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