Visit Cancale: 10 essentials to discover the Breton fishing port

The town of Cancale is a recommended destination for tourists on the Emerald Coast located in Brittany in the Ille et Vilaine department in France. It represents a Breton fishing port, a seaside resort and a fishing village. The discovery of its assets allows tourists to have an unforgettable stay just 16 kilometers from Dinard and Saint Malo located to the west. If you want to visit Cancale, it is important to go through 10 essential places to discover the Breton fishing port.

The port of La Houle for a successful trip to Cancale

The port of La Houle or the port of Cancale is a favorite destination for visitors and locals alike. They love to take walks along this harbour. Indeed, the region of the port of Houle makes it possible to explore and admire two main assets of the Emerald Coast. It’s about  :

  • Typical Breton architecture of the buildings in the villages of Cancale which are old stone houses
  • From a panorama over the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel .

In addition, the green colors of the Emerald Coast can be seen in the port of Cancale. The decor is magnificent. The same is true for the view of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The port represents one of the best viewpoints of this bay.

The market at the end of the Breton port in Cancale for unique tasting experiences

It would be a shame to visit the Breton port of Cancale without taking a trip to the market at the end of the port. The peculiarities of this market are worth discovering. It represents a place of trade for oyster farmers. They serve oysters on site.

Generally, visitors taste the oysters with a glass of white wine and lemon juice facing the sea. Then they throw the empty shells into the water. This attitude is very common in this market.

On the other hand, this market represents a perfect point of view to observe the impressive oyster beds intended for their breeding.

The restaurants in front of the sea to discover the local gastronomy in Cancale

The restaurants are essential places to discover during a visit to Cancale. This city has several types of restaurants facing the sea offering a pleasant setting and atmosphere.

In addition, the restaurants facing the sea in Cancale offer good local products and thus allow you to discover the gastronomic richness of the Breton region. For example, they offer fish menus, pancakes and typical Breton traditional pancakes.

The coast road to visit the town center of Cancale

The Route de la Côte is one of the best ways to discover the center of Cancale. This is a one-way road that tourists like to take during their stay. 

This is due to the fact that it allows you to discover a breathtaking landscape during high tide periods.

In addition, this road allows you to have a splendid view of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. It also allows to have a panorama on the village of Cancale. It is possible to take photos at this place during your visit.

The Sentier des Douaniers or the GR 34 to discover the surrounding landscapes and Pointe Grouin in Cancale

The Sentier des Douaniers or the GR 34 is a small path that allows you to explore the environment around Cancale. Indeed, it allows to discover the flora of the environment. It also allows you to have a magnificent view of certain places in the region. There is for example  :

  • The oyster beds of Cancale
  • The Mont Saint Michel
  • The rock of Rimains
  • The sea and the superb Breton beaches such as Port-Mer beach.

The GR 34 has more than 13 km of trails that surround the town of Cancale. It is suitable for sportsmen and hikers who visit the Breton fishing port in Cancale. However, other visitors are advised to walk a small section of the trail at least.

In addition, the Sentier des Douaniers makes it easy to reach one of the must-see sites of the beautiful Emerald Coast. This is Pointe du Grouin.

Visit Cancale: La Pointe du Grouin for beautiful views; A must

La Pointe du Grouin is a place that everyone must discover during a visit to Cancale. It is located a few kilometers from the city. It has a hotel-restaurant and a small bar in its surroundings. Thus, it allows you to taste the dishes of the region while having a view of the sea.

This place is one of the best places to have a beautiful view of the Emerald Coast. In addition, tourists from Cancale to Pointe de Grouin can observe birds and dolphins. It represents a protected reserve for these species.

La Cancalaise to live an experience on the edge of the traditional bisquine

La Cancalaise is a particularity of the fishing port of Cancale in Brittany. It is a traditional fishing sailboat which is found in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. This sailboat is a replica of the traditional bisquine, called La Perle, in this region of Brittany.

If you don’t know what to do in Cancale, consider taking a tour with La Cancalaise. Aboard this emblem of the port of Cancale, you will discover the Cancal coast, Saint-Malo and the Chausey Islands. This experience allows you to learn information about the maritime environment of this region.

Campsites in Cancale for unforgettable stays

Cancale has certain campsites which are essential. They allow to have sights on certain magnificent places according to their geographical positions. They also allow you to enjoy the green setting that a landscaped area can offer in the town of Cancale. There is for example  :

  • Municipal campsite at Pointe du Grouin
  • The Bel Air Leisure Campsite
  • Les Genêts campsite
  • The Port-Mer Plage leisure campsite
  • The Notre Dame du Verger campsite
  • The Bois Pastel campsite
  • Les Clos Fleuris campsite

These campsites offer good quality services to visitors. Remember to make your choice if you want to spend the night in the vicinity of Cancale.

Biodiversity in Cancale to enrich experiences on the open sea

Biodiversity is generally discovered with sea trips. These outings are organized around Cancale by the Al Lark association. They are a good activity to do.

The goal is to see dolphins and seabirds in this area. The outing also allows you to enrich your knowledge of biodiversity in the town of Cancale and its surroundings.

The Breton beaches to discover the surroundings of Cancale

It is known to all that the beach at the port of Cancale is small. However, there are large beaches that surround this site:

  • Orchard beach
  • Anse du Guesclin
  • Guimorais beach
  • Port-Mer beach

In addition, the beach of the port of Cancale is worth visiting. It is possible to take a break on this beach during a walk in Cancale. Small shells and seaweed are must-see things on this beach. On the other hand, it has the characteristics of a real beach in Brittany.

Cancale has several sites that allow you to discover the natural and gastronomic wealth of its fishing port. This top 10 can help you know the places to  visit once in Cancale and its surroundings. You will find beautiful landscapes there.

Cancale lighthouse

The Cancale lighthouse is a magnificent sight to behold. It’s one of the most photographed sites in the region, and it’s easy to see why. The lighthouse is located on the coast of Brittany, and it is often called the “jewel of the Emerald Coast”. It’s a popular place for tourists, and it’s a great place to take in the beauty of the area.

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