7 activities to do in Saint-Malo in the rain

7 activities to do in Saint-Malo in the rain

You have planned to go or spend a sunny weekend in Saint-Malo. But the climatic conditions do not lend themselves to it with the 180 days of rain on average, listed in Brittany. Do not be discouraged, because there are many things to do in Saint-Malo, the corsair city, to spend great moments with family or friends. Here are 7 activities to do in Saint-Malo in the rain:

  • The Great Aquarium  : the inevitable and Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo which attracts many families every year in search of a splendid holiday.

Ihe Grand Aquarium offers a fun and educational journey of discovering wildlife from around the world with over 600 listed marine mammals, fish and turtles, as well as exploring the world’s seas. Among the most popular attractions, you absolutely must see the singular Nautibus submarine which will make you discover the depths of the sea by a brilliant excursion.

Address  : Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo – Avenue du General Patton – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 02 99 21 19 00

Website  : http://www.aquarium-st-malo.com/

  • The Escape Game of Saint-Malo  : A fun activity, in which you will have a lot of fun in Saint-Malo on a rainy day, is the escape game. It’s a game that is gaining fame all over France and Europe.

This game consists of locking you in a room where you must solve puzzles that are submitted to you, in order to kill yourself after an hour. ” The last secret of Surcouf » is a game that makes you live a story of cape and dagger just like in the time of the most famous corsair of Saint-Malo, Robert Charles Surcouf as well as his marvelous treasure. Mysteries, clues and curses will be there. Everything to make you live a good time with your family with a game combining history and entertainment.

Address  : Barony Manor – General Patton Street – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 06 75 11 69 13 or 02 99 81 95 40

Website  : http://escape-game-stmalo.fr/

  • The Cultural Center of the Grande Passerelle  : it is an important cultural center for the inhabitants of Saint-Malo

You will find a media library, a cinema whose particularity is to show auteur films, and thematic areas relating to the sea or heritage. Each year, this center offers multiple temporary exhibitions such as historical documents, antique collectibles, polar expeditions, symbolic authors from the corsair region, everything to allow you to be overwhelmed by the culture of Saint-Malo.

Address  : Mediatheque La Grande Passerelle – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 02 99 40 78 00

Website  : http://www.ville-saint-malo.fr/agenda/exposition-sous-vitrines/

  • West Park  : This is the first indoor leisure park in the region between Saint-Malo and Dinard, and is located about 15 minutes from the city center.

Covering an area of more than 2500 m², it gives the possibility of doing a variety of family activities  : 16 bowling alleys, 3 laser game areas, 9 English billiards, a bubble football pitch, lots of arcade games and finally, a bar-relaxation area for catering. There are so many activities in prospect that you will not know what to choose to start.

Address  : La Richardais business park – Les Villes Billy – 35780 La Richardais

Telephone  : 02 99 73 41 91

Website  : http://www.westparc.fr/

  • The marine thermal baths of Saint-Malo  : located in the very heart of the city of the corsair, it is a Thalassotherapy centre.

The Thalassotherapy center of the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo offers you a view of the sea, and is located on the large Sillon Beach, over an area of 5000 m². It offers the possibility of relaxing by the swimming pool, in pools, hammams, weight rooms and even treatment cabins. All the comfort for your well-being and your relaxation is there with the staff of qualified experts who will make you spend a memorable moment of relaxation.

Address  : Grande Plage Sillon – 100 boulevard Hébert Courtoisville – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 02 99 40 75 00 or 02 99 40 75 75

Website  : http://www.thalassotherapy.com/

  • The Virtual Reality Studio  : This is an exclusive arcade room in Brittany, ideal for thrill seekers.

The Saint-Malo Virtual Reality Studio has state-of-the-art, high-performance technology that offers total immersion in a virtual world, solo or in a group, in which you become the hero with the costume and all the abilities . In the SRV, equipped with a helmet and sensors connected to two HD screens, you will be imbued with strong and unknown sensations. Challenge your friends for epic thrills. The SRV also has a retrogaming lounge where you will find the Super Nintendo or the PS1, enough to bring you back to childhood memories.

Address  : 5 rue du Clos Vert – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 06 87 65 37 67

Website  : http://srv-game.fr/

  • The Jacques Cartier Museum  : Born in Saint-Malo, Jacques Cartier was one of the greatest European explorers of the 16th century , renowned for his travels on the North American continent.

Thanks to a guided tour in the Manoir de Limoëlou, formerly home of Cartier, transformed into a museum, immerse yourself in his famous adventures in Canada and discover daily life at the time of the new world and the Great Discoveries.

Address  : Manor of Limoëlou – Rue David Mac Donald Stewart – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  :  02 99 40 97 73

Website  : http://www.musee-jacques-cartier.fr/

All these activities will allow you to spend wonderful moments in Saint-Malo, despite the rain.

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