The top 10 sea excursions from Saint-Malo

Discovering Saint-Malo and its surroundings through a sea trip is the ideal way to have a perfect view of the environments surrounding the Corsair city. Adventures at sea in Saint-Malo are always fun and full of surprises.

Contemplating the beauty of the Emerald Coast involves discovering its landscapes. Sea excursions allow you to explore the most beautiful places in the region from Saint-Malo.

The Bay of Cancale

Cancale is renowned for its cultured cupped oysters in the Emerald Coast region. It is a French commune located in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine. It is considered a remarkable site in terms of discovering culinary specialties and tasting the specialties of the region.

The bay of Cancale is one of the best places visited with sea trips from Saint-Malo. Its essential assets are its landscape and its oysters. Passengers discover this magnificent landscape by tasting Cancale oysters on the banks of a boat at sea from the Corsair city.

In addition, it is generally recommended to follow the guides carefully during sea trips in the vicinity of the bay of Cancale. They allow you to remember the landscapes, their names and their different characteristics. It is the same for the history of each site.

Corsair Bay

Crossing Corsaire Bay with a sea trip allows you to discover several particularities of the Emerald Coast in Saint-Malo. The ideal would be to cross this bay with the family. You will discover wonderful seascapes. You will also appreciate a very dense set of heritages in the Malouin country. This is a set:

  • Historical
  • Architectural
  • Cultural

From Cap Fréhel to Fort la Latte

Cap Fréhel overlooks the windswept emerald sea. It enchants with its beauty and wonderful colors. This place is very popular with visitors to Brittany. They love to meet hundreds of nesting birds in the cliffs of the site. They encounter hundreds of seabirds including:

  • crested cormorants
  • Herring Gulls
  • The penguin twisted

A boat trip from Saint-Malo allows you to travel from Cap Fréhel to Fort la Latte. The visit to this fort is definitely worth it. To get there, just take the coastal path. A few hours of walking are enough to get there. You will love the access to the chapel, the guardhouse, and even the Dungeon.

Dinard seaside resort

Dinard is an elegant seaside resort. It features elegant villas and beautiful beaches. This place is often visited during sea excursions from Saint-Malo.

In addition, a walk in Dinard allows you to discover its many galleries, artistic workshops, events and exhibitions. Remember to make a stop to visit this essential site of the Emerald Coast. It has a large market where you can buy items.

The island of Cezembre

The island of Cézembre is located twenty minutes off Saint-Malo and Dinard. It is an island that is not very inhabited. However, it offers a magnificent panorama over the towns of Saint-Malo and Dinard. Therefore, a boat trip to the island of Cézembre is highly recommended.

Chausey Island

Chausey Island is well known for the calm atmosphere that reigns there. It is a true temple of nature. A boat trip around this island reveals 52 islets at high tide, 365 islets and thousands of rocks at low tide. You will also discover an archipelago of unspoiled nature and a few houses including that of Marin-Marie.

The magnificent landscapes await you in the middle of the water on the island of Chausey with a sea trip from Saint-Malo. There is a fully classified archipelago. There are also hundreds of birds. The latter come to reproduce in the shelter of terrestrial predators.

A sea fishing trip

Going on a fishing trip at sea is a great initiative to take when choosing a sea trip from Saint-Malo. This excursion allows you to have fun enjoying the marvelous landscapes that surround you.

It is more recommended if you are with friends or family. The little fishing jokes are there.

Plus, you have the opportunity to learn how to fish if you’ve never done it before with a sea fishing trip from Saint-Malo. You will also discover the many fish and seafood of the region.

Saint Cast

Saint-Cast presents sites to absolutely visit during a boat trip from Saint-Malo. For example, there is the Pointe de la Garde in Saint-Cast, which is a place that is sometimes overlooked.

A sea excursion from the Corsair city allows you to better discover the wonders of this site. The route allows you to embrace the whole bay by advancing from the statue of the Virgin. It also allows you to visit the contours of Saint-Malo and the island of Cézembre. You will discover the large beach, the castine station and the tip of the Isle which closes the bay.

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel offers a particularly captivating landscape. This is the reason why it is recommended to take a trip there during a sea trip from Saint-Malo.

First, a visit to the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel allows you to enrich yourself intellectually. Indeed, the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is rich in history. It is therefore necessary to be accompanied by a tourist guide.

You will learn more about the little secrets of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

On the other hand, the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel brings you to enjoy a beautiful view of nature. You will discover its dam and the abbey of Savigny-le-vieux. Many other surprises await you.

Jersey Island

The island of Jersey is one of the largest of the Channel Islands. She is a charming mix of British and French culture. Its capital is Saint Helier.

This island is surrounded by magnificent beaches such as the bay of Saint-Aubin to the south. The bay of Saint-Ouen to the west is also similar. These beaches are very popular with visitors to the island.

What you need to know about the 10 proposals for a sea trip from Saint-Malo

The landscapes encountered are interesting during a sea trip from Saint-Malo. They are rich in history, culture and architecture. Think for example of the bay of Mont-Michel and the bay of Cancale.

To discover these places, you have professionals of sea excursions in the Corsair city. They offer departures from Saint-Malo or other nearby sites. They also offer routes that allow you to explore the essential sites of the Emerald Coast.

Make your choice and discover a unique experience aboard a boat at sea. You have professionals like:

  • the Malouine Escape
  • The Corsair Company
  • Emerald Emotions
  • Gannet
  • Chateaubriand Cruises
  • Marin-Malouin
  • Traditional sailboats
  • Corsair Ride
  • Emerald Cruise
  • Albatros Lines Navigation

The corsair city is a very attractive tourist center. Taking a sea excursion from Saint-Malo is therefore the perfect opportunity to discover the wonders of the Emerald Coast. The sea trips take you to must-see places in the region that you shouldn’t miss.


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