Top 10 bars in Saint-Malo Intra-Muros

Top 10 bars in Saint-Malo Intra-Muros

The inner city of Saint Malo is characterized by its nocturnal atmosphere . Where the port city is not only very appreciated by its beautiful sunset, but above all, by its very active night life which distinguishes it from other cities in the region of Brittany. Discover our top 10 bars in Saint-Malo Intra-Muros to enjoy a 100% Malouine evening.

1. Java Cafe

Le java café saint malo

The Java Café is the most popular bar in Saint Malo. An atypical place with a retro-style boardroom. The enclosure is decorated with dolls that take us back in time. It offers a wide choice on its drink menu. You can find everything there, whether it’s mojito cocktails or all kinds of rums and whiskeys. This bar not only attracts tourists, but even regulars come from time to time, just to hang out together. Some prefer La Java Café to immerse themselves in another friendly atmosphere, but in the air of time out of the ordinary.

2. Bar L’Aviso

Bar l'aviso saint malo

A Bar stands out and is characterized by the atmosphere it offers to its customers. Regarding the case of the Aviso , it is very popular for its corsair and warm atmosphere. In this bar, you are at home. It is ideal for those who want to be comfortable. Then, it is the perfect place to meet with friends or work colleagues. It has a decor that is close to today’s bars. Its little extra is based on the variety of beers it provides to its customers, but above all, they are of very good quality with an incomparable taste.

3. St. Patrick’s Day

Le saint patrick saint malo

If you are going to visit Saint Malo. The Sant-Patrick is the essential pub for a short evening break. It is located in the city center, just 100 meters from the town’s cathedral. It advances a Celtic and sporty atmosphere. It broadcasts football matches like American bars. This place is exceptional, original. An atypical decoration in a spacious setting. You can taste its diversity of cocktails that will make you lose your head. La Pina and Le Manga Colada are the most suggested.

4. The Alchemist

l'alchimiste saint malo

L’Alchimiste ranks fourth among the best bars in the city. Its theatrical decor sets it apart from other pubs. It is famous for its unusual angle with its frame where books are placed everywhere. Otherwise, this bar also appeals to non-alcoholics, as it also has a very wide choice of syrup and soft drinks. A privileged place both during the day and in the evening. During the day, you can take advantage of the calm to relax while in the evening, sometimes, he organizes a small party.

5. The Belle Epoque

la belle époque st malo

A pub whose charm is totally atypical, old. The atmosphere is just magical, festive with good music. A bar that is not like the others. It is a place to recommend all year round. During the winter, a fireplace is on the program where its fireplace will make the room more welcoming. However, in summer, it brings in 5  cm of sand to make you feel at the beach. Everything is top quality. Their rums are so good, the beer tastes good. Plus, it doesn’t close until 1 a.m. La Belle Époque is a pub for partygoers.

6. Cunningham’s Bar

Super establishment, the Cunningham’s Bar is a pub where all the senses will find pleasure. It is a bar where the view from inside and outside is breathtaking. It allows you to have a mojito cocktail while enjoying the nautical decoration of the room, but above all, you can also explore the beautiful view from the outside which is on the port of Saint Malo. Concerts are on the agenda to enliven the room. Its menu is very complete, nothing will be missing.

7. The Equinoxial

The unique bar where the atmosphere is always there both during the week and at the weekend. It is located in a small alley in a quiet intramural area. Its terrace is sunny most of the time, from where you can savor the pleasant taste of their beers while taking advantage of the iodized air of the town. A pub known as a sports bar where one does not just come to drink but also to take advantage of an entertaining atmosphere where one can perform board games, darts. So, if you want to meet, this bar is highly recommended.

8. The Factory

La Fabrique is one of the best addresses for the best bars in Saint Malo. A pub or your state when entering and leaving will not be the same. It has the best intramural cocktail. His customers appreciate him, because his cocktails are so delicious and original. So, all you have to do is come to the town to taste such a flavor. Then, you also have the opportunity to admire the spectacle of their preparations.

9. Breweries of Saint Malo

A historic place that only offers craft and traditional beer. This pub is perfect for tourists to get beer made by the commune itself. It has three distinct atmospheres. One that is reserved for the “Workshops” where he presents his tools and the micro-brewery. On the other side, there is the shop. At this place, he sells bottled beers, and the last is their “Bistros”. A place where you can drink craft beer or draft beer.

10. The Galleon

A magnificent decoration, mixing vintage and modernity. A place where everything is perfect. Wine, beer, especially, rums even seeing it on the shelf, it makes us want to taste it. The welcome is really warm or we always want to come back. In addition, it has a cozy atmosphere. It is among the most recommended bar in the city center.

Bonus: The bar of the Universe (Bar of legends)

The Bar des Légendes welcomes you in an authentic setting, which since 1923 has housed the first Yacht Association of the Corsair city.
Adventurers, sailors and sea enthusiasts have been meeting there for a hundred years, especially during the great maritime races such as the Chemin du Rhum or the Québec / Saint Malo. The partitions are decorated with gadgets and images presented by these illustrious visitors: whale ribs, python skin, turtle shells, starfish, divers…

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