10 things to do in Saint-Malo in one day

Visit Saint-Malo in one day

High place of tourism in Brittany, Saint-Malo is a popular destination. The Corsair City is appreciated for its charm and its historical heritage. Among its greatest riches: the legendary navigators and corsairs: Robert Surcouf, or Jacques Cartier, the one who discovered Canada. A city of character, Saint-Malo is characterized by its independence. Here are 10 things to do when visiting Saint Malo.

There are so many things to do in just one day of visiting Saint-Malo. Starting with the discovery of the places of ramparts of the old city, the visit of the Fort National, the exploration of the Grand Aquarium or the discovery of the Grande Passerelle until the tasting of the local products and the famous pancakes of the region, visit Saint Malo is a unique place.

1. Starting point: Place de Châteaubriand

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

That’s it, you left to visit Saint Malo. Discover the old town of Saint-Malo starting from Place de Châteaubriand. At the northeast corner of Saint-Malo, this cobbled square opens onto the  old town, through St. Thomas Gate. It offers a unique panorama over a place lined with terraces and friendly bars , charming hotels including the Café des Voyageurs or the Hôtel de Châteaubriand, but also souvenir stands and paintings just at the entrance of the Château de Saint – Malo.

2. Walk in the Old Town

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

Walk the streets and alleys of the old town of Saint-Malo to discover a unique and reconstructed historical heritage. Old Saint-Malo is characterized by its small cobbled streets, its gray granite houses as well as its largest buildings, symbols of the region. Find among the biggest sites  : the 13th century Saint-Vincent Cathedral, the houses of 18th century corsairs.

3. Visit Saint-Malo: Walk on the ramparts

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

The ramparts of Saint-Malo are a completely different facet of the city. Starting from Saint-Vincent, to the south of the Chateau, take the ramparts which, along a 2 kilometer walk, will offer you a panoramic view of the city, the statues of navigators and corsairs who have marked history, but also of beautiful beaches (le Mole, l’Eventail and Bon-secours) or even the islands of Petit and Grand Bé.

4. Breton flavor tastings

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

Breton cuisine is best known for its crêpes and galettes with the traditional recipe. An essential delight for any visit to Saint-Malo, Breton galettes are served with butter, pork sausages, traditional dishes accompanied by local apple cider.  A real feast  in the many creperies of Saint-Malo.

5. A lazy day at Bon-Secours

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

If you feel like spending a day doing nothing  and for sunbathing, Bon-Secours beach is the best place. Accessible via the Saint-Pierre gate,  it is a beach of choice to enjoy the summer sun. On the program, many activities such as kayaking, catamaran, sailing, offered by nearby clubs and which will allow you to reach the Petit and Grand Bé islands. You can also take advantage of the seawater swimming pool, suitable for swimming at low tide.

6. Explore the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo

Located on the southern outskirts, the large Aquarium of Saint-Malo is one of the most famous attractions in Saint-Malo. On 4000m², it offers to rediscover the wonders of the sea in a different way. Through the Nautibus, the travel submarine, discover up to 600 marine species. Also appreciate the discovery of turtles and sharks in the large circular basin. For your snack break, the restaurant/creperie on the square offers delicious crepes. A souvenir shop is also available in the large Aquarium.

7. Discovery of the seaside resort of Paramé

Paramé is the most famous seaside resort in Saint-Malo. It is located 3 kilometers northeast of the old town. It is a heavenly place characterized by its long beautiful beaches which make it famous (Plage du Sillon and de la Hoguette), by its spa (Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo) as well as by its villas and hotels enhanced by the styles of the 19th century and located on the seafront. Paramé also offers spectacular tours and evening evenings on Hébert and Châteaubriand boulevards. Seaside restaurants offer you an exceptional view of the beach, and gastronomic flavors that are unique in the region.

8. Visit Saint-Malo: Visit the Fort National

Impossible to visit Saint-Malo without going through the Fort National. Symbolic heritage of the city,  the fortress was built at the end of the 17th century by Vauban, one of the famous French soldiers. It is located 300 meters north of Old Saint-Malo and rests on the rock of Islet. Fort National offers a splendid view of the coast and the old town. It is open to visitors between the months of June and September.

9. A culinary experience at Le Chalut restaurant

Located in Old Saint-Malo, the restaurant Le Chalut is a reference address in the region. For good reason, it is a Michelin star restaurant. Its light blue front is the gateway to a warm place that makes the charm of the place. Restaurant  is best known for its seafood, its famous scallops, langoustines and lobster. Behind the stoves is a talented chef Jean-Phillipe Foucat. The restaurant offers affordable prices despite its reputation.  It welcomes you from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

10. Go bar-hopping in the Old Town

To end your visit to Saint-Malo, there is nothing more relaxing than having a drink in the historic district. Many bars are present there and are distinguished from each other by the house rum, the original cocktails and of course the authentic atmosphere and decor. Ar Koad, in the rue dy Boyer is famous for these whiskeys from all over the world. The good times  in the rue de Dinan offers home-brewed beers and local rums. La Fabrique in the rue des Chartres offers breathtaking cocktails.


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