Visit of Saint-Malo by night

Visit of Saint Malo at night

Do you want to take a short tour of Saint-Malo at night? The city of Saint Malo is a famous seaside resort and also made famous by its Corsair City. It is an old city known by its stories.

Also called Saint Malo Intra-Muros, the city was rebuilt after the liberation bombings in 1944. At the time, the city was 80% destroyed. Then she is reborn like the phoenix rising from its ashes. Saint Malo conquered the hearts of travelers with its many idyllic places. The city of Saint Malo is ideal for all occasions: school trips, holidays with friends or family or even better between lovers, etc.

What to do in Saint Malo at night  ?

The tourists appreciate the city by all its paradisiac corners going from the ramparts to the house of Quebec .

A visit to the city of Saint Malo is not a visit without going around the ramparts measuring 1.7 kilometers. The main access is near the Saint-Vincent gate, but there are also different accesses available for easy access. From up there you have a wonderful view of the Emerald Coast during the day as well as at night. You can also see the town of Dinard and the tip of Cap Fréhel.

Saint Malo also has many monuments including the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent which is one of the most important. Although it was damaged in 1944, it regained a new beauty after its restoration. With its large bell tower, you are not likely to miss it during your visit.

Do you like walks and parties on the beach  ?

The city of Saint Malo is surrounded by superb beaches  : Bon Secours, the Môle and the Eventail. The Bon Secours and Le Môle beaches are sheltered from the wind, but the Eventail beach is the largest. These are not the only beaches in the city of Saint Malo, there are still other beaches like the Sillon which is a continuity between. Walks on these beaches are even better at night.

The city of Saint Malo is a twin with Gaspé of Quebec City. In the heart of the city, you will find small houses built in 1984 available to Quebec to strengthen the friendship between the two cities.  This is done to remind others that whoever discovered Canada was born in Saint Malo. Canadian landscapes are always exceptional and attractive at the same time. Thus, a nocturnal visit to the Maison du Québec is a must during your visit. Sometimes there are concerts and conferences organized on site.

A stroll along the Port located between Sillon beach and the fortified town of Saint Malo. The port has several magnificent boats. The perfect replica of the corsair boat is on the place, the Etoile du Roy and you have the chance to visit it.

What to see in St Malo?

There is still to see in the city of Saint Malo apart from all these magnificent places.

In front of the town are the islands of Grand Bé and Petit Bé which are accessible if the tide is low. When the tide is low, you will discover a huge beach of fine sand and a paved road facilitating access to the islands without getting too wet. It is on the island of Grand Bé that you will find the grave of the great and famous writer Chateaubriand who wrote the Memoirs of Beyond the Grave. In addition, without neglecting the panoramic view of the city of Saint Malo once at the top.

The bay of Saint Malo is the scene of the highest tides in Europe. The difference between low tide and high tide could reach up to 13 m during high coefficients. A rare breathtaking scene. This grandiose landscape change makes the city attractive from all sides.

The Fort National dominates the Corsair City on the Eventail beach. According to Vauban’s plans, this former Fort Royal was built in 1689 on the orders of Louis XIV. You cannot visit Saint Malo without going to Fort National. However, visiting times vary depending on the tide. The visits are accompanied by an experienced guide who will explain the fascinating history of Fort National to you.

It is 15 minutes walk from the city of Saint Malo Intra-Muros is the Cité d’Alet. A corner of paradise giving a superb view of Intra-Muros, the Port of Bas Sablons and Dinard. The City of Alet is ideal for recharging one’s batteries.

Where to eat and drink in St Malo?

The restaurants or the perfect places for a drink will not be lacking in the city of Saint Malo. Place de Chateaubriand is just at the entrance of the town with many nice cafes and restaurants.

Brittany is known for its gastronomy, the delicious pancakes and the butter-sugar pancakes. A quick trip to the Bergamote tea room, which is located near the Cathedral, is the ideal plan.

If you like big slices of cake, nothing better than Timothy with his cakes presented in the windows. You can also find big burgers there.

Les Délices du Gouverneur offers delicious pancakes and pancakes to take away. The little problem with him is that you can’t sit down to eat.

The Brasserie des Voyageurs is located just at the entrance to the Cité Corsaire. You will find an amazing menu there.  : burgers, pizzas, salads, etc. This restaurant is one of the best in town if you get tired of eating the galettes. Above all, you will be warmly welcomed.

You fancy a local beer  ? Saint Malo has its own micro-brewery making a golden beer. The people are dynamic and always ready to offer you an unforgettable atmosphere.


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