Visiting Mont-Saint-Michel: advice, prices, timetables, reviews

Visit Mont-Saint-Michel: advice, prices, timetables, reviews…

Located in the Manche department in Normandy, Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most visited sites in France. It gives an iconic view of nature. This magnificent building was presented to me during one of my stays in Normandy. 

If you want to visit Mont Saint Michel, it is important to follow a few tips so that you do not go wrong.

What you need to know about Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is a beautiful and tiny island located between Normandy and Brittany. It is one of the ten most popular tourist sites in France. This is due to the fact that it has several attractions. You have for example:

  • The abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel classified as a historical monument
  • A statue of Saint-Michel placed at the top of the abbey church
  • The highest European tides.

Visiting this site allows you to discover a place rich in history in the Emerald Coast region. It is marked by its architectural style and the traces of many historical events.

The evolution of Mont-Saint-Michel

Knowing the evolution of Mont-Saint-Michel is important to understand the harmonious whole it presents. From chapel to place of pilgrimage, it was gradually enlarged.

A real work has been done to achieve the large three-storey building in the Gothic style built on the northern facade of Mont-Saint-Michel. It houses the magnificent cloister of the abbey with a breathtaking view of the bay.

Many historical events have forced the occupants to magnify this site by modernizing it. This is what justifies the different architectural styles that coexist there, proof of the cultural richness of this place.

Other things to know about Mont-Saint-Michel

The problems related to the preservation of the environment can be noticed during a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel. Land reclamation and the construction of dykes have modified the natural cycle of the tides, weakening Mont-Saint-Michel.

However, adjustments have been made to limit this problem. Among these you can discover the bridge leading to Mont-Saint-Michel and the dam on the Couesnon. The latter cleans the surroundings of Mont-Saint-Michel, it promotes the expulsion of sediments that accumulate in its surroundings. The sluices close to conserve water and open to flush it out when the tide rises.

It should be remembered that Mont-Saint-Michel presents a magnificent landscape. It owes its particularity to its natural and historical riches. Apart from these attractions, it also represents an excellent refuge for birds of different species because of the bay. During a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel, you will be amazed by the thousands of birds that come to nest there.

Tips to follow to make your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel unforgettable

Mont-Saint-Michel attracts many tourists and onlookers during the summer periods. It is therefore important to be well organized to make your visit unforgettable. Remember to make a reservation several days in advance, so you will have time to prepare.

What is the best season to visit Mont-Saint-Michel?

Summer is the most appropriate season for a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel. It is open all year round, but it is recommended to visit it during the months of October, September, May or June. These periods represent favorable times for beautiful shots. A visit on a summer evening will allow you to admire the beauty of the place and nature.

What to plan for your accommodation during a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel?

The activities to be carried out at Mont-Saint-Michel are multiple, so you can spend more than one day there. It is possible to stay inside Mont-Saint-Michel during your stay. 

In case you decide to stay outside, you have guest rooms, lodges, hotels and campsites that are available. 

What are the opening hours of Mont-Saint-Michel?

Access to Mont-Saint-Michel is free, but not at tide times. It is advisable to find out about this aspect before embarking on the expedition.

In addition, the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is open from 09  h  30 to 18  h every first Sunday of the months from November to March.

How to get to Mont-Saint-Michel?

You can go to Mont-Saint-Michel by car, but when you arrive at the Mont, it is required to park it in the car parks located 2 km away. Access to Mont-Saint-Michel has only been possible on foot or by shuttle since 2015. 

Nevertheless, the bus is the most recommended way to get there because of the explosion in the price of parking lots which vary according to the type of vehicle. 

It is also possible to get to Mont-Saint-Michel by bike, boat or train.

What to do during your visit to Mont-Saint-Michel?

The possible activities to carry out during a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel are numerous.

Discover the alleys of the region

The walk is a good option to discover the landscape of Mont-Saint-Michel. These charming alleys allow walking enthusiasts to discover the different corners of the island.

Visit the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

Visiting the abbey is a must during a stay on this island. It is absolutely sublime whether you have a view of the interior or the exterior. It is recommended that you be accompanied by a tourist guide. Thus, you will discover all the little secrets that this site hides.

Visit the museums of Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel has 4 museums, to visit them, you can take a pass. For museum enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to discover the different themes of these places steeped in history. The themes covered by these museums are:

  • The sea and ecology
  • The history of the monks who built this Abbey
  • The residence of a local knight.

The Maquaire Museum is the oldest museum on the island. It was opened by Amédée Maquaire, a notable Parisian author of the guide “Mont-Saint-Michel and its Wonders ”, in 1888.

This museum retraces the great events of the island, but also the life of the great men who marked this island.

The Maritime Museum is dedicated to the history of the tides of Mont-Saint-Michel. It allows for a historical study of the island’s tidal phenomena.

The Historical Museum is the most particular of the island. It contains wax characters that allow you to relive the history of the island. This museum also allows you to admire ancient objects such as weapons, watches, paintings, etc.

The Logis Tiphanie is a 14th century building, it was the residence of a medieval knight. You can admire the armor of the knight Bertrand du Guesclin, but also the astrology cabinet of Tiphaine de Raguenel his wife.

Enjoy nature on horseback

Mont-Saint-Michel is a destination of choice for lovers of outdoor equestrian activities. The bay is the perfect place for a horseback ride. You can have a good time contemplating the fantastic landscape of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Advice on a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel

Located on the outskirts of the region which is home to the highest tides in Europe, Mont-Saint-Michel is a destination of choice. Most of those who visit it leave delighted. It is therefore not uncommon to find that some people come back to it often.

If you want to make a success of this visit, I recommend that you be accompanied by a guide from the region. The latter will be able to make you enjoy the riches of Mont-Saint-Michel.

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