Culinary specialities: visiting Saint-Malo is boring!

Culinary specialties  : visit Saint-Malo, it digs  !

The corsair city of Saint-Malo is a good destination to taste the culinary wonders of Brittany. It has several restaurants that provide very varied gastronomic menus.

The products are fresh and of good quality. They come from the corsair city or its surroundings. So, what are the culinary specialties found in the Corsair city of Saint-Malo?  ?

The creations of the culinary art of Saint-Malo

The inhabitants of Saint-Malo are creative in terms of cuisine. They highlight products from the region to have delicious combinations. Here are some of the delights of Saint-Malo gastronomy.

Saint-Malo crackers for the delight of breakfasts and aperitifs

Crackers are generally found in biscuit factories in Saint-Malo. These are biscuit and soufflé buns. These crackers are made from milk, baking powder, wheat flour and malt.

Visitors and inhabitants of the corsair city enjoy Saint-Malo crackers for breakfast. They are eaten with jams, honey, butter or salted butter caramel.

These small biscuits are also served as appetizer toasts. In these cases, they are accompanied by savory fillings. They can be tasted with sardine butter or sea rillettes. Some people prefer them with sweet fillings.

Salted butter caramel for a perfect accompaniment

Salted butter caramel is very popular in Saint-Malo cuisine for its sweetness. It is usually spread with Breton biscuits, pancakes and yoghurt from the region. This delight can be found at Les Comptoirs de Saint-Malo.

Saint-Malo potatoes as a tribute to new potatoes

Saint-Malo potatoes are well-known sweets in Saint-Malo. These sweets come from cocoa, kirsch liqueur and crushed almonds. They are shaped like little apples with a shot-like sweetness.

Saint-Malo pearl cases for exceptional flavors

The pearl cases of Saint-Malo represent one of the delicacies of this place which are widely consumed. These are round chocolates dressed in a thin, pearly and colored envelope. 

They offer different kinds of flavors. These come from a combination of fruit and chocolate. There are, for example, the flavors of  :

  • Kalamansi-tea
  • Yuzu-Caramel
  • Kumquat-Cinnamon
  • Bergamot-Pistachio

These chocolate wonders of the corsair city can be found in Pascal Pochon’s shop. The latter is located opposite the Compagnie des Pêches, at the end of the Quai Dugay-Trouin. 

This makes this place the wharf of Saint-Malo delicacies. However, it is also possible to find boxes of pearls at chocolate makers in Saint-Malo within the city walls.

The Kouign Amann for a typical Breton cake

Kouign Amann is a specialty of Breton cuisine found in Saint-Malo pastries. It is also found in the bakeries of Saint-Malo intramural. It ranks in the category of the best cakes in the region.

This sweet delicacy of the culinary art of Saint-Malo is generally offered in the form of a large galette. It tastes too greasy, too salty and too sweet. This makes it a good choice to complete the tasting of a colorful salad.

Ker-y-Pom for more creativity in Breton cuisine

The Ker-y-Pom in Saint-Malo represents a creation of 100% Breton culinary art. It is half an apple wrapped in shortbread. It is eaten well buttered.

Edible seaweed for complete Breton dishes

Edible seaweed from Saint-Malo is perfect for sprinkling Breton dishes. They impose themselves in the culinary art of the region. The algae regularly found in the corsair city are  :

  • Sea lettuce which is eaten raw in salads, chips, foil or in smoothies
  • Wakame or sea fern which is eaten with soups, hot preparations or in salads

Cancale oysters  : a specialty of Cancale in the cuisine of Saint-Malo

Cancale oysters have established themselves in Saint-Malo and Breton cuisine. These oysters are very popular with visitors to Brittany. They represent the most coveted oysters in this region.

These oysters are impregnated with the highest tides in the world in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The oyster farmers sell them at the quays. Two different forms of oysters on these quays of delicacies in Saint-Malo.

Hollow oysters

Oysters are eaten raw or cooked. They are offered in electronic form. There are large cupped oysters and small cupped oysters.

Flat oysters or Belon de Cancale

Flat oysters have a flavor reminiscent of hazelnut. They are very privileged because of their flesh. The latter is white and firm. These oysters represent an exceptional dish in Saint-Malo.

Bouchot mussels from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel: to enrich the local specialty in Saint-Malo

Bouchot mussels or AOP mussels are mussels that come from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. They are offered by certain restaurants in Saint-Malo. The korrigans are famous for this local speciality.

AOP mussels are recommended in the Corsair city. They are rich in iodine, iron and calcium. In addition, particular flavor that all visitors and inhabitants of Saint-Malo love.

Prés-Salés lambs or PDO lambs

Salt-meadow lamb dishes are also Malouin dishes that come from Mont-Saint-Michel. This region offers tender meat with firm fat. They are nevertheless very popular with the inhabitants and visitors of Saint-Malo.

Traditional pancakes and Breton pancakes  : the wonders of the culinary arts in Brittany

It is impossible to talk about the culinary specialties of Saint-Malo without presenting the famous traditional pancakes and pancakes of Brittany. Some restaurants in Saint-Malo offer menus consisting of crêpes and galettes. There is for example the creperie  :

  • The guardhouse
  • Bergamot
  • The sunflower
  • Les Bés, and many others.

These restaurants offer different kinds of pancakes and pancakes. You will love the crepes with butterscotch, the crepes assassinated with apple, the crepes of wheat and other flavors in the crepes of Brittany. The same goes for cookies.

In addition, the real markets of Saint-Malo have at least one seller of galettes. They offer different kinds of pancakes, one of which is found at most vendors. 

This is the pancake-sausage that delights visitors and locals alike. They love the Breton buckwheat pancake topped with ham and a cheese egg. They taste this wonder on the go while standing

Vegetable crops  : the most consumed and exported of Breton cuisine

Vegetable crops from Saint-Malo are widely consumed in Saint-Malo. They are usually made up of fruits and vegetables. You will find there  :

  • Cabbages
  • Carrots
  • Leeks
  • new potatoes
  • cider apples

Unicorn donuts to follow the unicorn trend in Saint-Malo

Do you want a treat following the unicorn trend  ? The culinary art of Saint-Malo will meet your expectations. He presents his tasty unicorn cakes or donuts. They are found in some restaurants in the area.

The culinary specialties of Saint-Malo are generally creations of the inhabitants of the region. However, they include culinary specialties from Cancale and its surroundings. The latter have established themselves in its local gastronomy.


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