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Rent a car at Saint-Malo train station/cheap


Find the best plan to rent a cheap car in Saint Malo as soon as you arrive at the station.
The Renault Clio or similar is the most reserved car in Saint Malo.
Note that a city car rental costs an average of €7 per day.
A week’s rental will therefore cost you on average around €49.

Stay z in Saint Malo for cheap

A weekend in Saint Malo


Inside the walls of the old town of Saint-Malo, one has the impression of being transported back in time. The cobbled streets, the ramparts and the corsair atmosphere set the tone for a magical, unique and somewhat touristy place. If you are looking for a day trip or a short getaway from Paris, Saint-Malo is a good option. Here are our tips for spending a weekend in Saint Malo

Our journey to the Brittany coast (or Brittany, if you prefer) began around noon on a Thursday, when we boarded a bus from Mont Saint-Michel to Saint-Malo, direct. It was the best deal in town, at 4.99 euros each. If you’re thinking of doing a similar trip, check out Flixbus – they operate a number of routes in this part of the region.

We arrived in Saint-Malo about an hour later. We could have taken a city bus to the old town, but we preferred to walk, as the weather was nice. The planning proved painful, as there are more cobblestones in Saint-Malo than you can throw, so bouncing your suitcase around for a good half hour is a bit tedious.

Choses à faire à saint malo pour la journée

Paved or not, we arrived relatively unscathed at our apartment, the highly prized ” Saint-Malo With Love “. We were greeted by a very friendly young lady who seemed genuinely happy to see us. This continued throughout our stay as everyone we met was super friendly – definitely makes a big difference when you are on the road for a while like we were. We talked enthusiastically in French about all the wonderful things that are on offer in Saint-Malo.

We were shown to our room, a very nice spot at the top of the stairs on the first floor. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast so by then we were more than ready to go get some food. After unpacking a few things, we left.

Finding a restaurant in Saint-Malo is not a problem. There are dozens of crêperies, seafood restaurants, pizzerias and sandwich shops, the usual bakeries, cheese shops and a very good burger restaurant. We opted for the burger. I know it’s a sacrilege not to eat good French food all the time, but honestly sometimes when you’re on the road you just want a good burger, and to be fair this place boasted of only use French suppliers for most of its menu, so we opted for French cuisine.

weekend a saint malo que faire ?

Knop & Compagnie is located near the main entrance gates to the old town. It’s clean, the music from the 80s and 90s is very much alive there, and the food is amazing. And of course, in France, a hamburger is never just a hamburger.

The owner, a very nice guy, made us two delicious burgers made with fresh bread, cooked to order, with fresh French beef. Mine contained Tomme de Savoie, which I had never eaten before. It’s sweet, and it worked well on the burger. Angela ordered a plain burger with tomato (which I would never do, because raw tomatoes are vile and can’t be trusted). The toppings were fresh and everything tasted good.

A word of caution: in France, they cook their burgers medium, or medium, with a little pink inside. If you’re from Canada, and some places in the US, the burgers are always well done, so you don’t have to worry about how to order them. If you like fully cooked burgers, be sure to order them well done.

Lunch being over, we decided to go exploring. Wandering around this town is a study in contradictions – you’re either surrounded by touristy shops and restaurants, or alone on a quiet cobbled street that conjures up images of medieval Europe.

48h à saint malo

We just did a few meanders, enjoying the freedom to check things out without having to stick to a set schedule. If you walk long enough in any direction, you’ll eventually come across one of the stairways you can climb in order to walk atop the walls, among the ramparts, and in the company of many seagulls.

2 jrs à saint malo

If you’re looking for a great calf and butt workout, this is where you need to go. Lots of stairs will help you create the bootylicious look you’ve always dreamed of.

Once you are on the walls the views are quite fantastic…

quoi faire weekend saint malo

French privateer Robert Charles Surcouf (1773-1827) points out to sea, towards England. Angela also points to the sea, but she gestures toward her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the donair (aka nature’s perfect food) is found.

We were there in the off season so we didn’t get to see this place booming, but during the summer the beaches are packed.

weekend amoureux saint malo

Once you’re up there, it’s a good place for selfies and portraits. As you can see from my outfit, it was sunny but still quite chilly. The weather was nice for the end of March, but it was still the end of March, so light jackets and hats were the order of the day.

The island you can see behind me is an island you can explore when the tide is out. The very friendly wife of Quic en Groigne had told us that between 5 and 7 p.m. there would be a good window to walk in. She also warned us that if we came back late the path would be under water and we would be stuck outside for the night.

Deux jours à saint malo

The hike to the small island isn’t very far, but it’s hilly and the winds pick up from the sea, making it moderately harder than we thought. Except for one other couple, we were the only ones up there, so it was relaxing to breathe in the ocean air and wander around aimlessly. It also gave us the opportunity to look out over the city and see Saint-Malo from the Atlantic.

weekend à saint malo à 2

It’s a good place to shoot over the town and take in the high perspective and distance from Saint-Malo. rises and blocks us there.

We bought a baguette and a few other small items so we could have a picnic in our room for dinner. We bought a baguette and a few other small items so we could have a picnic in our room for dinner. And honestly, a fresh baguette sandwich is very good, so it’s not like we were unhappy.

We had dinner, did some laundry and watched a French singing competition where participants had to find the lyrics to a song on a screen, like in karaoke, then the screen went blank and they had to finish the sentence with the right words. I didn’t know any of the songs and only understood some of the comments, but it was surprisingly addictive. It lasted about three hours, so by the end I was getting pretty good.

The next morning we got up and went to exercise. It was sunny and the air was cool. I wanted to do a full tour outside of town, mostly walking, a little running, a lot climbing stairs. At the end we went to a long breakwater where there were two fishermen and lots of people walking their dogs.

week-end st malo

The views from the end of the dike, especially in the morning, are quite fantastic.

activités weekend à saint malo

Across the Channel, a ferry takes people to Portsmouth, UK. You can also take boats to the island of Jersey, and a few other places.

weekend a saint malo

We went back to the room, went to shower, change clothes and went to lunch. Along the way, we passed many trendy restaurants and small inns. There are great brands and cool little shops in this town.

Watch Dogs, Saint-Malo
We found a great little pizzeria (Le cafe de Saint Malo) near the main gates and settled in. I love the thin crust pizzas they serve in Europe, and this place did an exceptional job. We filled up with gas and did a bit of shopping, where I bought some shoes that fit the French a bit better. My Nikes, apparently, are not suitable for all situations.

Strutting happily in my funky new boots, I’m sure I was the envy of everyone who saw me. On the cobbles, however, they didn’t support me much… I could feel every stone through the soles of my aesthetic shoes. At first it felt like a light foot massage but after a while it became a pain so I went back to the Nikes. The people of Toronto can admire me, where there are no cobblestones. In Saint-Malo, I told myself that I would be a nerd, but a comfortable nerd, and I’m okay with that.

The rest of our time was spent exploring. We ate some ice cream, went to a very cool cheese shop that I wish I had taken some pictures of – it was really old school – and explored a craft beer store where we met one nicest guys in town. He sold me a bunch of beers unique to the region, a few drinks that I got to sample before trying my hand at the French lyrical game show later that evening. The second time around, I wasn’t any better (in real life), but in my mind, I was a real rock star.

Our stay in Saint-Malo was a perfect respite from the hectic lifestyle we tend to have when we are in Paris. It was nice not having a schedule, a program, not having to do anything. We came and went when we wanted, we ate well, we enjoyed the ocean, and being a history buff like me, I loved learning about the city, the corsairs, and the architecture. It’s a unique and relaxing place, and I’m glad we took the time to visit it

weekend a saint malo

The next morning we packed up, said goodbye to Quic En Groigne and left the old town. We took a city bus to the station and hopped on the high-speed train back to Paris. Rested and ready to move, we were excited for the second part of our Parisian adventure.

Have you been to Saint Malo? If so, what were your impressions? Leave your comments or questions below – cheers!

10 family activities in Saint-Malo


How to have fun with the family in Saint-Malo?

Saint Malo is an ideal heavenly place for your family holidays. Looking for an unforgettable experience? Leave without hesitation, discover and share highlights with your children. An unequaled visit, mop and swim, countless games await you. You will be amazed! Here are our 10 family activities in Saint Malo.

The marvelous landscape of Brittany is unmasked, behind the high ramparts of the port city of Saint-Malo. An unmissable destination with the sweet scent of the ocean for family vacations.

Activities in Saint-Malo: Bordering the ramparts by kayak

Introduce your children from 9 to 12 years old, by sea kayak, to the corsair city of Saint-Malo. A 2h30 kayak excursion accompanied by a nautical guide. Every day from March to October and by reservation only the rest of the year.

Give them an experience they will remember with pride with a visit to the ramparts of Saint-Malo. The double kayaks will allow you to experience this magical moment with your children. Just don’t forget to bring sunscreen, suitable shoes, a hat, and a windbreaker.

Take a trip to sea on a traditional sailboat

With its big red sail, “Narval”, the 1946 sardine boat, typically Breton, does not go unnoticed. It will take you to Pointe du Moulinet. To stay on course, and teach you how to trim the sails, Yann your nautical guide will be at your entire disposal.

Inside, you can make yourself comfortable with the children. The 2h30 walk will make you discover the maritime heritages and will be born in you strong vocations of sailors.

Climb into a real pirate ship .

Set off to meet the Etoile du Roy in the port of Saint-Malo. A perfect replica of a privateer frigate Falkland commissioned from 1745.
Being 47 meters long, 3 masts of 310 tons, she embarked 240 crewmen and armed with 20 guns to annoy merchant navies and enemy soldiers. Impossible not to get an idea of the life of the pirates of the time.

Explore the city on a little train

The visit of the boat made you live beautiful pirate adventures? You will be able to say the same of their residence in Saint Malo intramural. A beautiful building with lounges, ceremonial vaulted cellars that deserves to be explored. You will be accompanied by the fascinating guide who also owns the place. Children can no longer do without pirate adventures in the Caribbean after this experience.
The little Saint-Malo train is an alternative for you who don’t have time to mop on foot. It makes the complete tour of the alleys, passes under the ramparts of the corsair city.
You will acquire knowledge about some famous Malouins such as the navigator Jacques Cartier who discovered Canada, the skimmers Duguay-Trouin and Surcouf.

Activities Saint Malo: Explore the giant aquarium

At the exit of the city, is the large aquarium of Saint-Malo where 600 underwater species are waiting for you. It will take you at least 2 hours to go around the eight rooms and go from the cold waters to the warm sea. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Ring of the Seas, a 360° pool with its sharks and giant turtles. Sensations guaranteed! Go further, by plunging your hands into the touch pool to caress starfish, fruit bats and rays.

Take part in a comic book festival

The Quai des Bulles Saint-Malo Comic Strip Festival takes place every year at the end of October. Meet and communicate with nearly 500 actors at the Grande Passerelle on the quays and in other places in town. An opportunity to teach your children the art of telling a story in pictures, and above all to discover young talents.

Admire the exceptional sculptures of a museum

Not far from Saint-Malo station, just 17 minutes away by car, nestles the entire universe of the sculptor Manoli. Once his home, he lived there for more than 25 years. Today it is an open-air museum where more than 300 works are exhibited, such as the sheep with propellers, the owls born from a ploughshare. Children over 6 years old are even entitled to a free game booklet.

Discover Cancale oyster farming

At the Cancale marine farm, breeding, grading, packaging… Nothing will escape you on the oyster production cycle after a visit. You will view a short film with all the explanations before discovering the shellfish packaging workshops where they are sorted and washed.
A collection of 1500 seashells from all over the world is on display in a nice little museum. Above all, don’t forget to take a trip to the Cancale pier, facing the sea, where you can enjoy tasting oysters.

Go whale watching (watching bottlenose dolphins)

At the seaport, just next to the Pointe de Grouin, this is where you will embark to meet the bottlenose dolphins. In the bay where 300 bottlenose dolphins transit, you will see a few.
These sea trips are planned every day, from March to November, by reservation taking into account weather conditions.

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10 things to do in Saint-Malo in one day


Visit Saint-Malo in one day

High place of tourism in Brittany, Saint-Malo is a popular destination. The Corsair City is appreciated for its charm and its historical heritage. Among its greatest riches: the legendary navigators and corsairs: Robert Surcouf, or Jacques Cartier, the one who discovered Canada. A city of character, Saint-Malo is characterized by its independence. Here are 10 things to do when visiting Saint Malo.

There are so many things to do in just one day of visiting Saint-Malo. Starting with the discovery of the places of ramparts of the old city, the visit of the Fort National, the exploration of the Grand Aquarium or the discovery of the Grande Passerelle until the tasting of the local products and the famous pancakes of the region, visit Saint Malo is a unique place.

1. Starting point: Place de Châteaubriand

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

That’s it, you left to visit Saint Malo. Discover the old town of Saint-Malo starting from Place de Châteaubriand. At the northeast corner of Saint-Malo, this cobbled square opens onto the  old town, through St. Thomas Gate. It offers a unique panorama over a place lined with terraces and friendly bars , charming hotels including the Café des Voyageurs or the Hôtel de Châteaubriand, but also souvenir stands and paintings just at the entrance of the Château de Saint – Malo.

2. Walk in the Old Town

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

Walk the streets and alleys of the old town of Saint-Malo to discover a unique and reconstructed historical heritage. Old Saint-Malo is characterized by its small cobbled streets, its gray granite houses as well as its largest buildings, symbols of the region. Find among the biggest sites  : the 13th century Saint-Vincent Cathedral, the houses of 18th century corsairs.

3. Visit Saint-Malo: Walk on the ramparts

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

The ramparts of Saint-Malo are a completely different facet of the city. Starting from Saint-Vincent, to the south of the Chateau, take the ramparts which, along a 2 kilometer walk, will offer you a panoramic view of the city, the statues of navigators and corsairs who have marked history, but also of beautiful beaches (le Mole, l’Eventail and Bon-secours) or even the islands of Petit and Grand Bé.

4. Breton flavor tastings

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

Breton cuisine is best known for its crêpes and galettes with the traditional recipe. An essential delight for any visit to Saint-Malo, Breton galettes are served with butter, pork sausages, traditional dishes accompanied by local apple cider.  A real feast  in the many creperies of Saint-Malo.

5. A lazy day at Bon-Secours

visiter saint malo
visit saint-malo

If you feel like spending a day doing nothing  and for sunbathing, Bon-Secours beach is the best place. Accessible via the Saint-Pierre gate,  it is a beach of choice to enjoy the summer sun. On the program, many activities such as kayaking, catamaran, sailing, offered by nearby clubs and which will allow you to reach the Petit and Grand Bé islands. You can also take advantage of the seawater swimming pool, suitable for swimming at low tide.

6. Explore the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo

Located on the southern outskirts, the large Aquarium of Saint-Malo is one of the most famous attractions in Saint-Malo. On 4000m², it offers to rediscover the wonders of the sea in a different way. Through the Nautibus, the travel submarine, discover up to 600 marine species. Also appreciate the discovery of turtles and sharks in the large circular basin. For your snack break, the restaurant/creperie on the square offers delicious crepes. A souvenir shop is also available in the large Aquarium.

7. Discovery of the seaside resort of Paramé

Paramé is the most famous seaside resort in Saint-Malo. It is located 3 kilometers northeast of the old town. It is a heavenly place characterized by its long beautiful beaches which make it famous (Plage du Sillon and de la Hoguette), by its spa (Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo) as well as by its villas and hotels enhanced by the styles of the 19th century and located on the seafront. Paramé also offers spectacular tours and evening evenings on Hébert and Châteaubriand boulevards. Seaside restaurants offer you an exceptional view of the beach, and gastronomic flavors that are unique in the region.

8. Visit Saint-Malo: Visit the Fort National

Impossible to visit Saint-Malo without going through the Fort National. Symbolic heritage of the city,  the fortress was built at the end of the 17th century by Vauban, one of the famous French soldiers. It is located 300 meters north of Old Saint-Malo and rests on the rock of Islet. Fort National offers a splendid view of the coast and the old town. It is open to visitors between the months of June and September.

9. A culinary experience at Le Chalut restaurant

Located in Old Saint-Malo, the restaurant Le Chalut is a reference address in the region. For good reason, it is a Michelin star restaurant. Its light blue front is the gateway to a warm place that makes the charm of the place. Restaurant  is best known for its seafood, its famous scallops, langoustines and lobster. Behind the stoves is a talented chef Jean-Phillipe Foucat. The restaurant offers affordable prices despite its reputation.  It welcomes you from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

10. Go bar-hopping in the Old Town

To end your visit to Saint-Malo, there is nothing more relaxing than having a drink in the historic district. Many bars are present there and are distinguished from each other by the house rum, the original cocktails and of course the authentic atmosphere and decor. Ar Koad, in the rue dy Boyer is famous for these whiskeys from all over the world. The good times  in the rue de Dinan offers home-brewed beers and local rums. La Fabrique in the rue des Chartres offers breathtaking cocktails.

Top 10 bars in Saint-Malo Intra-Muros

Top 10 bars in Saint-Malo Intra-Muros

The inner city of Saint Malo is characterized by its nocturnal atmosphere . Where the port city is not only very appreciated by its beautiful sunset, but above all, by its very active night life which distinguishes it from other cities in the region of Brittany. Discover our top 10 bars in Saint-Malo Intra-Muros to enjoy a 100% Malouine evening.

1. Java Cafe

Le java café saint malo

The Java Café is the most popular bar in Saint Malo. An atypical place with a retro-style boardroom. The enclosure is decorated with dolls that take us back in time. It offers a wide choice on its drink menu. You can find everything there, whether it’s mojito cocktails or all kinds of rums and whiskeys. This bar not only attracts tourists, but even regulars come from time to time, just to hang out together. Some prefer La Java Café to immerse themselves in another friendly atmosphere, but in the air of time out of the ordinary.

2. Bar L’Aviso

Bar l'aviso saint malo

A Bar stands out and is characterized by the atmosphere it offers to its customers. Regarding the case of the Aviso , it is very popular for its corsair and warm atmosphere. In this bar, you are at home. It is ideal for those who want to be comfortable. Then, it is the perfect place to meet with friends or work colleagues. It has a decor that is close to today’s bars. Its little extra is based on the variety of beers it provides to its customers, but above all, they are of very good quality with an incomparable taste.

3. St. Patrick’s Day

Le saint patrick saint malo

If you are going to visit Saint Malo. The Sant-Patrick is the essential pub for a short evening break. It is located in the city center, just 100 meters from the town’s cathedral. It advances a Celtic and sporty atmosphere. It broadcasts football matches like American bars. This place is exceptional, original. An atypical decoration in a spacious setting. You can taste its diversity of cocktails that will make you lose your head. La Pina and Le Manga Colada are the most suggested.

4. The Alchemist

l'alchimiste saint malo

L’Alchimiste ranks fourth among the best bars in the city. Its theatrical decor sets it apart from other pubs. It is famous for its unusual angle with its frame where books are placed everywhere. Otherwise, this bar also appeals to non-alcoholics, as it also has a very wide choice of syrup and soft drinks. A privileged place both during the day and in the evening. During the day, you can take advantage of the calm to relax while in the evening, sometimes, he organizes a small party.

5. The Belle Epoque

la belle époque st malo

A pub whose charm is totally atypical, old. The atmosphere is just magical, festive with good music. A bar that is not like the others. It is a place to recommend all year round. During the winter, a fireplace is on the program where its fireplace will make the room more welcoming. However, in summer, it brings in 5  cm of sand to make you feel at the beach. Everything is top quality. Their rums are so good, the beer tastes good. Plus, it doesn’t close until 1 a.m. La Belle Époque is a pub for partygoers.

6. Cunningham’s Bar

Super establishment, the Cunningham’s Bar is a pub where all the senses will find pleasure. It is a bar where the view from inside and outside is breathtaking. It allows you to have a mojito cocktail while enjoying the nautical decoration of the room, but above all, you can also explore the beautiful view from the outside which is on the port of Saint Malo. Concerts are on the agenda to enliven the room. Its menu is very complete, nothing will be missing.

7. The Equinoxial

The unique bar where the atmosphere is always there both during the week and at the weekend. It is located in a small alley in a quiet intramural area. Its terrace is sunny most of the time, from where you can savor the pleasant taste of their beers while taking advantage of the iodized air of the town. A pub known as a sports bar where one does not just come to drink but also to take advantage of an entertaining atmosphere where one can perform board games, darts. So, if you want to meet, this bar is highly recommended.

8. The Factory

La Fabrique is one of the best addresses for the best bars in Saint Malo. A pub or your state when entering and leaving will not be the same. It has the best intramural cocktail. His customers appreciate him, because his cocktails are so delicious and original. So, all you have to do is come to the town to taste such a flavor. Then, you also have the opportunity to admire the spectacle of their preparations.

9. Breweries of Saint Malo

A historic place that only offers craft and traditional beer. This pub is perfect for tourists to get beer made by the commune itself. It has three distinct atmospheres. One that is reserved for the “Workshops” where he presents his tools and the micro-brewery. On the other side, there is the shop. At this place, he sells bottled beers, and the last is their “Bistros”. A place where you can drink craft beer or draft beer.

10. The Galleon

A magnificent decoration, mixing vintage and modernity. A place where everything is perfect. Wine, beer, especially, rums even seeing it on the shelf, it makes us want to taste it. The welcome is really warm or we always want to come back. In addition, it has a cozy atmosphere. It is among the most recommended bar in the city center.

Bonus: The bar of the Universe (Bar of legends)

The Bar des Légendes welcomes you in an authentic setting, which since 1923 has housed the first Yacht Association of the Corsair city.
Adventurers, sailors and sea enthusiasts have been meeting there for a hundred years, especially during the great maritime races such as the Chemin du Rhum or the Québec / Saint Malo. The partitions are decorated with gadgets and images presented by these illustrious visitors: whale ribs, python skin, turtle shells, starfish, divers…

Difficulty parking in Intra-Muros? Follow the guide: Where to find parking in Saint-Malo .

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Webcam Saint-Malo


Discover the Saint Malo webcam , live. You can check the current weather, surf conditions and activity on the beach and enjoy a live view thanks to the webcams installed in Saint-Malo: The Sillon beach , the seafront, the Thermes Marin de Saint-Malo , the Fort National, the islands, the ramparts of Saint-Malo , the port, etc.

The city of Saint-Malo has a number of webcams that allow visitors to view live images of the city. These webcams are located in different places in the city, including in the old town, on the port and on the beach. The webcams of Saint-Malo are a great opportunity for tourists to see the city before visiting it. They also allow people who cannot visit the city to see what it looks like and get a better idea of Saint-Malo.

Webcam Saint-Malo – View of the dyke

Panorama of the bay of Saint-Malo

This webcam gives a nice view of the dike in Saint-Malo. The webcam is located at the end of the Sillon, which is a pedestrian way offering beautiful views of the port and the intra-muros (the old town).

Webcam Saint-Malo – Port and Intra-Muros

Live and 180° view of the port and the Intra-Muros of Saint-Malo

The 1671 meter long sea wall runs along the Grande Plage and offers a pleasant promenade lined with numerous villas built towards the end of the 19th century.

The groove

Live panoramic view of the Sillon de Saint-Malo

Along the Sillon, an alignment of breakwaters protects the dike from the force of the waves. Built at the beginning of the 19th century on the idea of the engineer Robinault de St-Servan, the oak breakwaters have a depth at least equal to, or even greater than, their visible height.

The Marine Baths

View of the Thermes Marins and the seawall of Saint-Malo

In front of the Thermes Marins, you can see the Grande Plage du Sillon. Which extends from Saint-Malo Intra-Muros to Paramé.


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7 activities to do in Saint-Malo in the rain


7 activities to do in Saint-Malo in the rain

You have planned to go or spend a sunny weekend in Saint-Malo. But the climatic conditions do not lend themselves to it with the 180 days of rain on average, listed in Brittany. Do not be discouraged, because there are many things to do in Saint-Malo, the corsair city, to spend great moments with family or friends. Here are 7 activities to do in Saint-Malo in the rain:

  • The Great Aquarium  : the inevitable and Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo which attracts many families every year in search of a splendid holiday.

Ihe Grand Aquarium offers a fun and educational journey of discovering wildlife from around the world with over 600 listed marine mammals, fish and turtles, as well as exploring the world’s seas. Among the most popular attractions, you absolutely must see the singular Nautibus submarine which will make you discover the depths of the sea by a brilliant excursion.

Address  : Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo – Avenue du General Patton – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 02 99 21 19 00

Website  : http://www.aquarium-st-malo.com/

  • The Escape Game of Saint-Malo  : A fun activity, in which you will have a lot of fun in Saint-Malo on a rainy day, is the escape game. It’s a game that is gaining fame all over France and Europe.

This game consists of locking you in a room where you must solve puzzles that are submitted to you, in order to kill yourself after an hour. ” The last secret of Surcouf » is a game that makes you live a story of cape and dagger just like in the time of the most famous corsair of Saint-Malo, Robert Charles Surcouf as well as his marvelous treasure. Mysteries, clues and curses will be there. Everything to make you live a good time with your family with a game combining history and entertainment.

Address  : Barony Manor – General Patton Street – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 06 75 11 69 13 or 02 99 81 95 40

Website  : http://escape-game-stmalo.fr/

  • The Cultural Center of the Grande Passerelle  : it is an important cultural center for the inhabitants of Saint-Malo

You will find a media library, a cinema whose particularity is to show auteur films, and thematic areas relating to the sea or heritage. Each year, this center offers multiple temporary exhibitions such as historical documents, antique collectibles, polar expeditions, symbolic authors from the corsair region, everything to allow you to be overwhelmed by the culture of Saint-Malo.

Address  : Mediatheque La Grande Passerelle – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 02 99 40 78 00

Website  : http://www.ville-saint-malo.fr/agenda/exposition-sous-vitrines/

  • West Park  : This is the first indoor leisure park in the region between Saint-Malo and Dinard, and is located about 15 minutes from the city center.

Covering an area of more than 2500 m², it gives the possibility of doing a variety of family activities  : 16 bowling alleys, 3 laser game areas, 9 English billiards, a bubble football pitch, lots of arcade games and finally, a bar-relaxation area for catering. There are so many activities in prospect that you will not know what to choose to start.

Address  : La Richardais business park – Les Villes Billy – 35780 La Richardais

Telephone  : 02 99 73 41 91

Website  : http://www.westparc.fr/

  • The marine thermal baths of Saint-Malo  : located in the very heart of the city of the corsair, it is a Thalassotherapy centre.

The Thalassotherapy center of the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo offers you a view of the sea, and is located on the large Sillon Beach, over an area of 5000 m². It offers the possibility of relaxing by the swimming pool, in pools, hammams, weight rooms and even treatment cabins. All the comfort for your well-being and your relaxation is there with the staff of qualified experts who will make you spend a memorable moment of relaxation.

Address  : Grande Plage Sillon – 100 boulevard Hébert Courtoisville – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 02 99 40 75 00 or 02 99 40 75 75

Website  : http://www.thalassotherapy.com/

  • The Virtual Reality Studio  : This is an exclusive arcade room in Brittany, ideal for thrill seekers.

The Saint-Malo Virtual Reality Studio has state-of-the-art, high-performance technology that offers total immersion in a virtual world, solo or in a group, in which you become the hero with the costume and all the abilities . In the SRV, equipped with a helmet and sensors connected to two HD screens, you will be imbued with strong and unknown sensations. Challenge your friends for epic thrills. The SRV also has a retrogaming lounge where you will find the Super Nintendo or the PS1, enough to bring you back to childhood memories.

Address  : 5 rue du Clos Vert – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  : 06 87 65 37 67

Website  : http://srv-game.fr/

  • The Jacques Cartier Museum  : Born in Saint-Malo, Jacques Cartier was one of the greatest European explorers of the 16th century , renowned for his travels on the North American continent.

Thanks to a guided tour in the Manoir de Limoëlou, formerly home of Cartier, transformed into a museum, immerse yourself in his famous adventures in Canada and discover daily life at the time of the new world and the Great Discoveries.

Address  : Manor of Limoëlou – Rue David Mac Donald Stewart – 35400 Saint-Malo

Telephone  :  02 99 40 97 73

Website  : http://www.musee-jacques-cartier.fr/

All these activities will allow you to spend wonderful moments in Saint-Malo, despite the rain.

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Guide: Saint-Malo festivals


Festivals in and around Saint-Malo

Guide: Saint-Malo festivals. A city on the shores of the Atlantic which alone represents the West of France. It always comes first when we talk about Brittany and, of course, Mont Saint Michel. This city is also known to be the heart of festive events throughout the year. Organize your agenda according to your wishes with festivals of all kinds in Saint-Malo and its surroundings.

Essential city of Brittany

Saint-Malo is a city where a large number of tourists and vacationers flock. If most come to admire Brittany with the Mont de l’archange, you can very well enjoy a magnificent sun and a very festive atmosphere. Indeed, you can have a busy schedule with the festivals that are organized in the city. No matter when you visit the city, you will always be treated to an interesting festival. Culture, music, culinary art, art, in short, everything is taken into consideration.

Rock in the spotlight

The Route du Rock is the flagship festival of Saint-Malo. It’s a bit like the musical event that identifies with the city. What makes this event very popular is the fact that it takes place in the middle of the summer holidays. Indeed, the Route du Rock is organized in the middle of August, during the weekend of the 15th. To satisfy other types of vacationers in France, especially those looking for snow, an edition is organized in mid-February. This festival represents the icons of world rock’n roll. It’s just a must in Brittany during these times.

There will be several renowned bands who have passed the stage of this festival such as Sonic Youth, The Do, The Kills, My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack… There will also be a stage dedicated to techno and electro music. This other facet of the festival has already hosted bands like LCD Soundsystem and Prefuse 73…

The Rock’n’roll route brings Saint-Malo to life for three days in a row in summer. For the winter version, we will rather count three evenings. Many places are requisitioned to host this festival. We can mention in this context the Sillon beach, the Fort Saint-Père for the large stages and the Palais du Grand Large for electro music.

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A bit of Jazz in Saint-Malo

Rock is not the only genre of music that marks Saint-Malo. There are also jazz lovers. To this end, we dedicate a festival such as Jazz upstairs . This festival is oriented for local groups who want to emerge. He accompanies climbing groups in the environment. To do this, the festival calls on internationally renowned artists.

This festival is not to be missed for those visiting Saint-Malo during the month of March. Moreover, artists like Pierrick Pédron or The Spring Quartet have already honored this stage.

And classic

The Malouins are lovers of great classics, as is the case in France elsewhere. In this context, a festival is organized there and bears the title of Classique au Large . This festival was set up by an association, Musique au Large. If you are also affiliated with orchestras, musical choirs, this will be an event that will please you during the month of April.

The music festival in Saint-Malo

The music festival is marked in particular in Saint-Malo by major outings. Local artists and musicians enliven the streets as a welcome to the summer period. In short, it’s an unmissable moment in June. Are you planning to come to Saint-Malo this summer? Then our article on car parks in Saint-Malo might interest you.

And sacred music

Daughter of the church, Saint-Malo sets up a festival dedicated to sacred music in July and August. This event is held in the enclosure of the Saint-Vincent cathedral and we will enjoy the classic church songs.

A little circus

Music is not the only attraction for the festivals of Saint-Malo. To entertain you and to vary your address books, moments in the circus are recommended. For that, there is nothing better than to take advantage of the international circus festival of Brittany. This event brings together artists from all over the world to perform new numbers. It’s an opportunity to get a taste of the circus and to learn about it. It is held regularly during the current of Mars.

Open to the world

Brittany wants to be very welcoming and Saint-Malo is living proof of this. The city organizes a festival called Folklores du Monde. As its name suggests, this event honors the diverse cultures that exist in the corners of the Earth. There will be dancers who come from the tribe of Africa and other nations such as Armenia, Scottish groups, Amerindian musicians,… This festival will take place in July, during the summer. What makes it quite special is that it is organized with the cooperation of neighboring municipalities. It promises a great international event in the Breton way.

Featured books

A rather special festival is organized during the month of October to attract comic book lovers to the city of Malouine. This festival is called Quai des Bulles . It is an essential moment for comic book lovers since it features the works of several cartoonists and scriptwriters. Three days in a row will be offered to you to really immerse yourself in this world of colors.

Advent windows

Taking advantage of a moment of preparation for Christmas, the Windows of Advent is an event that enters into magic. It gives a taste of the festivities by offering free entertainment every evening. Indeed, at 6 p.m., a window of a shopkeeper in the Intra-Muros opens to give rise to delicacies accessible to all the public, a real moment of charm.

Saint-Malo Christmas market

The features of the East will be recreated during this festival of the West, at the foot of the castle of Saint-Malo. There you will find stands, chalets, reminiscent of the Alsatian Christmas markets. This market represents the magic of Christmas with tastings of wines, gingerbread, entertainment provided by Christmas mascots. We can even meet Father Christmas, the real one.

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Visit of Saint-Malo by night


Visit of Saint Malo at night

Do you want to take a short tour of Saint-Malo at night? The city of Saint Malo is a famous seaside resort and also made famous by its Corsair City. It is an old city known by its stories.

Also called Saint Malo Intra-Muros, the city was rebuilt after the liberation bombings in 1944. At the time, the city was 80% destroyed. Then she is reborn like the phoenix rising from its ashes. Saint Malo conquered the hearts of travelers with its many idyllic places. The city of Saint Malo is ideal for all occasions: school trips, holidays with friends or family or even better between lovers, etc.

What to do in Saint Malo at night  ?

The tourists appreciate the city by all its paradisiac corners going from the ramparts to the house of Quebec .

A visit to the city of Saint Malo is not a visit without going around the ramparts measuring 1.7 kilometers. The main access is near the Saint-Vincent gate, but there are also different accesses available for easy access. From up there you have a wonderful view of the Emerald Coast during the day as well as at night. You can also see the town of Dinard and the tip of Cap Fréhel.

Saint Malo also has many monuments including the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent which is one of the most important. Although it was damaged in 1944, it regained a new beauty after its restoration. With its large bell tower, you are not likely to miss it during your visit.

Do you like walks and parties on the beach  ?

The city of Saint Malo is surrounded by superb beaches  : Bon Secours, the Môle and the Eventail. The Bon Secours and Le Môle beaches are sheltered from the wind, but the Eventail beach is the largest. These are not the only beaches in the city of Saint Malo, there are still other beaches like the Sillon which is a continuity between. Walks on these beaches are even better at night.

The city of Saint Malo is a twin with Gaspé of Quebec City. In the heart of the city, you will find small houses built in 1984 available to Quebec to strengthen the friendship between the two cities.  This is done to remind others that whoever discovered Canada was born in Saint Malo. Canadian landscapes are always exceptional and attractive at the same time. Thus, a nocturnal visit to the Maison du Québec is a must during your visit. Sometimes there are concerts and conferences organized on site.

A stroll along the Port located between Sillon beach and the fortified town of Saint Malo. The port has several magnificent boats. The perfect replica of the corsair boat is on the place, the Etoile du Roy and you have the chance to visit it.

What to see in St Malo?

There is still to see in the city of Saint Malo apart from all these magnificent places.

In front of the town are the islands of Grand Bé and Petit Bé which are accessible if the tide is low. When the tide is low, you will discover a huge beach of fine sand and a paved road facilitating access to the islands without getting too wet. It is on the island of Grand Bé that you will find the grave of the great and famous writer Chateaubriand who wrote the Memoirs of Beyond the Grave. In addition, without neglecting the panoramic view of the city of Saint Malo once at the top.

The bay of Saint Malo is the scene of the highest tides in Europe. The difference between low tide and high tide could reach up to 13 m during high coefficients. A rare breathtaking scene. This grandiose landscape change makes the city attractive from all sides.

The Fort National dominates the Corsair City on the Eventail beach. According to Vauban’s plans, this former Fort Royal was built in 1689 on the orders of Louis XIV. You cannot visit Saint Malo without going to Fort National. However, visiting times vary depending on the tide. The visits are accompanied by an experienced guide who will explain the fascinating history of Fort National to you.

It is 15 minutes walk from the city of Saint Malo Intra-Muros is the Cité d’Alet. A corner of paradise giving a superb view of Intra-Muros, the Port of Bas Sablons and Dinard. The City of Alet is ideal for recharging one’s batteries.

Where to eat and drink in St Malo?

The restaurants or the perfect places for a drink will not be lacking in the city of Saint Malo. Place de Chateaubriand is just at the entrance of the town with many nice cafes and restaurants.

Brittany is known for its gastronomy, the delicious pancakes and the butter-sugar pancakes. A quick trip to the Bergamote tea room, which is located near the Cathedral, is the ideal plan.

If you like big slices of cake, nothing better than Timothy with his cakes presented in the windows. You can also find big burgers there.

Les Délices du Gouverneur offers delicious pancakes and pancakes to take away. The little problem with him is that you can’t sit down to eat.

The Brasserie des Voyageurs is located just at the entrance to the Cité Corsaire. You will find an amazing menu there.  : burgers, pizzas, salads, etc. This restaurant is one of the best in town if you get tired of eating the galettes. Above all, you will be warmly welcomed.

You fancy a local beer  ? Saint Malo has its own micro-brewery making a golden beer. The people are dynamic and always ready to offer you an unforgettable atmosphere.